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Light Cahill Dry Fly

Updated on December 14, 2011

The Most Popular Fly !

Having lived in Connecticut for many years, I've had the chance to travel throughout New England to go fly-fishing. It seems where ever I've been too the Light Cahill seems to be a fly often seen in great numbers.

My earliest observation of this fly came on May 17th on the Farmington River. I had noted on my stream log that day that the air temperature had been in excess of 90 degrees- and on that day there was only a few of these flies on the water. In this area it seems the bulk of the hatches occur in late May into early June. Best times in my opinion to use the Light Cahill is from early afternoon until sunset. In some past years I've even seen the fly on the water as late as the 4th of July-however I must mention in July the best action I've seen was in late morning to early afternoon with some type of cloud cover and reasonable water levels. Although the Light Cahill is a popular fly, I think at times people overlook its value in favor of other sulphur flies. The Farmington River in Connecticut offers such an excellent hatch and I've seen fish gorging themselves on this fly as vigorously as any others. This past season I had remarkable success at the Farmington River during June evenings catching and releasing 2 rainbows and 1 brown all in the 4 to 5 pound range. This was done with a size #14 hook tied onto a 6X tippet which allowed me confident playing on such weighty opponents.

To date I've never had any luck with any nymph imitation of this fly, nor have I ever had any success with a wet fly of this type.

When I was younger I taught myself how to fly fish. The first couple of years were tough, between line tangles and wind knots-some days were truly upsetting. Using the Light Cahill made fly-fishing easier for me and thus more enjoyable. I hope when your out fishing you'll enjoy watching the fish and at times the birds compete for this fly. Hope your adventures will be as fun as mine !


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