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Buy A Rack For The Back of Your Bike

Updated on November 7, 2015

Bike With Bike Rack

Bike with rear mount rack
Bike with rear mount rack

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Lighten Your Load With a Rear Bike Rack

A Rack For Your Bike

If you are like a lot of people now you are finding yourself using your bike for more and more of your everyday trips? Whatever the reason just because it's better for your health or the cost of gasoline just makes it cheaper for your family. Whatever the case you may need to install a rack on your bike to make the job of hauling groceries or your school books a little bit easier. If you find yourself riding your bike commuting to work or school or even just riding to and from the grocery store. You may need to install a Rack On The Back Of Your Bike to take some of the load off. Are you discovering that your backpack is getting heavier and heavier from all the things you put into it at the grocery store. I know you can haul a lot in your backpack but throw in one more mellon or a pound of grapes and it's just a little too much. One way to solve this problem is to mount a rack on the back of your bike. That way the bike can carry some of that load. There are a few different choices to choose from. Also there are a couple of different mounting options as well. If you are looking to buy a rack for your bike online, this is the place. I will be reviewing four different rack makers as well as two different styles of racks. Most of the companies listed make both styles of rack in one form or another.

How To Install a Rack on Your Bike

Rear Bike Rack Designs

The Standard Rear Bike Rack

The standard rear bike rack has had some upgrades over the years but basically has remained the same through time. I mean the rack you buy today will look a lot like the one your dad had on his bike in 1972. It's basically a flat rack that has bars that hang down and connect to the mounts on most bikes. There is also a connection to the seat-post or seat stay. But also a lot has changed there are standard rear bike racks that are made of aluminum tubing so they are a lot lighter than the steel one your dad had also they have small bungee cords along with or instead of the spring clip like the one from the past. So a lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same through time. One of the big changes is the fit, finish, and construction. Most of these racks fit most bikes out of the box with little adjustment. The finish is usually a powder coating which is very durable and resistant to scratches. The construction on some of these racks is truly top notch. You can look at the welds and every one looks the same. Very strong construction.

The Seatpost Bike Rack

The Seatpost Bike Rack

The Seatpost Bike Rack is a different rack all together. The name describes it all. The seatpost bike rack has no bars hanging down to connect to your bike or provide extra support to your load. It's only connection point is the seatpost. It usually connects by a clamp and is made of Aluminum. If you are going to be regularly hauling more than ten pounds on your bike rack I do not recommend a seatpost style bike rack as this is one of the downfalls of this design. It can only carry small loads. What these racks are great for are commuters or students who only need to carry a few small items on their rack at one time or maybe one bag of groceries. I love the look of these racks and the installation is so simple. I mean it will be on your bike as soon as you get it out of the box. However they can only carry up to ten pounds.

Topeak Bike Racks

Topeak Bike Racks


Topeak makes hundreds of different bike products. Basically everything from bike racks to tools to bike tents and everything in between. They make some of the very best products, when I was talking about fit and finish and beautiful welding earlier I was talking about the Topeak companie's bike racks. They make several different bike racks in all styles. One of my favorites is the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack it's a solid rack that installs easily and securely that you can haul a surprisingly large load on. Definitely more than I would want to carry on the back of my bike. It also comes in models for bikes with disk brakes and for 29er bikes. So overall a very good rack and I would recommend it to anyone. Topeak makes several other racks and types of racks both the standard bike racks and the seatpost type bike racks.

Avenir Road Bike Rack

Avenir Road Bike Rack

The Avenir Company has been making cycling parts forever and one of their products is bike racks. The Avenir Bike Rack is a very lightweight bike rack. It's for hauling loads up to about 20 pounds or so. it's great for commuters who get on busses or Bart or what have you because it doesn't take up a lot of space. Now that being said some reviewers see it as a little flimsy and light but in a lot of cases light is what a some people want. So the Avenir road bike rack is exactly the rack for them. Precisely because it's small and slim and flimsy. This a a low price basic commuter bike rack that is light and small just what a lot of people are looking for in a bike rack so if this person is you this may just be your rack.

Delta Mega Rack Super Sherpa Rack

Delta Mega Rack Super Sherpa

The Delta Mega Rack Super Sherpa is a standard bike rack that's fairly simple. What I love about the Delta Super Sherpa is that no matter what bike you install it on it will be easy to put on. Everyone who puts this rack on their bike loves the ease of installation. Let's face it when you are looking for a bike rack that is half the battle finding one that will be easy to install on your particular bike. For this alone I give the Delta two thumbs up. Beyond that it is a great simple rack that can carry a decent amount of weight.

Topeak RX Beam Rack

Topeak RX Beam Rack

The Topeak RX Beam Rack is a great little rack like all of Topeaks products. The Topeak Beam Rack is a Seatpost Rack so by that nature it can hold a lot less weight than the other racks reviewed here. The RX Beam Rack is only rated for 15 pounds. The other racks you can go over a little once in awhile but if you do that regularly with a beam rack the connection to the seatpost will start to get sloppy or the actual beam itself will bend. That has just been my experience. But i really like the look of this product and it's especially nice on folding bikes or commuter bikes that sit in the open since it's easily removable.

Which Rack To Buy

Which rack you buy is will be determined by how much weight you want to carry on a regular basis and if you want your rack to be easily removable or you want it to remain on your bike at all times. Or if you have a full suspension mountain bike. Don't forget as well that if your bike has disk brakes get a rack that is built for bikes with disk brakes. So good luck with your bike rack it will definitely lighten your load.

I think after riding your bike with a rack on the back and finding out how functional the rack is, you will decide just to leave it on all the time, even if it's a removable rack. Having a rack on the back of your bike simply makes your cycling like easier all around in so many ways. I have hauled everything on my bike rack, not a kitchen sink yet but a pedestal for one, not to mention a bag of concrete. Yes that did go over the weight limit but it worked perfect on my bike rack.


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