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Lightning Bolt

Updated on August 20, 2016

Who’s this guy Usain BOLT?

After Carl Lewis, whom I remember from my school days, I see in 21st century a totally new champion on the tracks. I was elevated to unknown heights when they all shouted ‘Bolt, Bolt, Bolt’. Couldn’t imagine what it would be for that man who is tasting victory after victory with no opponents still in sight. He seems to be visiting once again the victory stands in Olympics 2020. I would not be surprised neither the whole world. He has bolted it to himself so fast, lightning fast.

But, who is he? It is irresistible to just watch him win without knowing more about him, because he seems to be a great inspiration not only for Jamaica but for the whole world which is aspiring for more. What makes him a victor for a period unimaginable? What keeps him fit to be the fastest man for about twelve years. How does he handle the pride that adorns him in every international victory?

To me, he simply feels happy to be running and running really fast. Just take look at the elegant strides he makes within those tracks. He seems to have done a masterly research in the art of running. He seems to have understood so clear as to how much pressure it requires to run ahead of others. He simply makes every other self-styled athlete look so desperate, struggling and gasping when they reach the finish line.

His winning spree in the international games begins from the early age of 15. Victory has been there for the major part of his life. Though it seems like he just sprints like a wind yet he had to cross a lot of hurdles. He had to suffer a series of injuries before he could break into the international competitions. He had to work on his discipline, lifestyle, potential, choice of long or short distance running, convince his coach for 100m sprint, pre-race nerves and a few criticisms. He took all of these challenges and has presented himself as a victorious sprinter, the fastest human being on the clocks.

He, sure, has received support from the his parents, who owned a grocery shop, his school, the local and national sports federations but can all of this if given to another person yield such a result. I strongly doubt that. It’s a gift. More than that, it is the determination and the passion of this man that keeps him a long standing hero in the track events. He has always been casual on the practicing field and has always cheered the crowd with his Lightning Bolt stance after victory, but once the gun shot is heard he has nothing in his eyes other than the finish line. It is an accepted fact that he is a slow starter both in the 100m and 200m. But, isn’t he the one who holds the world record for both events? Is he saying, ‘it’s not how you start but how you finish’? I am awestruck. It is a great privilege to witness, in my lifetime, a man being immortalized right in front of us.

Will it be possible to even dream for this record to be broken? He sure stands tall in the tracks, on the podium and in the hearts of all the sport lovers worldwide. It is one thing to become immortal but it is a greater thing to be the spirit of inspiration in the hearts of people till eternity. Usain Bolt may have run to be a Lightning Bolt but for eternity he has become an Inspiring BOLT.


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