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Liquid Shredder Surfboards - Top 5 Shredder Surfboards For Sale Online

Updated on May 28, 2011

One of the more popular kinds of surfboards to buy - and to find online - are Liquid shredder surfboards. Liquid shredder surfboards range from an array of different types of boards; one can find Liquid shredder soft surfboards, liquid shredder longboard surfboards, and even Liquid shredder paddle boards.

The company has been around for over 20 years and each year shredder surfboards become better and better; by better I mean they've gotten new technology implemented in them, have been designed for more specificity, and have just gotten, well, 'cooler'. One of the more famous features of Liquid shredder surfboards is the Vinyl covers that keep the surfboard in good condition for much longer periods of time.

Liquid shredder surfboards have recently been known for having some of the best softboards in the world. Known as the fun surfing revolution, softboards are some of the most buoyant surfboards, allowing you to paddle with easy and make precise, controlled turns.


Liquid Shredder Classic Surfboard For Sale

Liquid Shredder Classic

The first Liquid Shredder surfboard on my list of top Shredder surfboards for sale, is the Liquid shredder classic. The classic is 5 foot long soft surfboard, that is the epitomizer of control, style, and power. Thing about this Liquid shredder surfboard - and all soft surfboards for that matter - is that the actual surfboard texture isn't soft; it's, in fact, very comparable to that of a fiberglass surfboard. The different with soft surfboards is that they are easier to turn, and are more durable.

This is no different with the shredder classic softboard.

The classic is completely red; this will allow you stand out while surfing (which may or not be a good thing). With three fins on the back, and a nose and middle section that provide impeccable balance, you have surfboard that can handle any wave, in any type of water.


Buy Liquid Shredder Element Series Surfboards Online

Liquid Shredder Element Series Surfboard

I love this surfboard; this is one of mny favoruite Liquie shredder surfboards of all time.

Okay - let me rephrase that. I don't just love a specific element series board, but love the structure and design of all element series surfboards. The beauty of the element series is that you can get a custom design (or pick from already designed boards) on a surfboard that is made of some of the highest quality material, is durable, and is great for both beginners and experts.

Check out the features:

  • Nose Protector
  • Safety Leash
  • 6 feet long, 52 cm wide, 7 cm thick.
  • Tri-Fins
  • Choose from almost any color.
  • Technology that makes it not bend in the middle; hence it will go faster.

Buy Liquid Shredder Pro Series Surfboards

Liquid Shredder Pro Series

Another favorite Liquid shredder surfboard is the pro series. The shredder pro series surfboards are designed for exactly what their name states: pros. Advanced surfers will find a great board in the Liquid shredder pro surfboards, with an array of lengths to choose from, as well as core material, and fin levels.

Like most Liquid shredder surfboards the pro series boards are all soft boards. They are designed to perform like a fiberglass board, moving up down waves with ease, and allowing you to make concise turns whenever necessary.

The best part about the pro series? The money you'll save.

After riding a pro series board for a while you'll find that you don't need to upgrade to a fiberglass or epoxy board; the soft surfboard will do just fine for you.


Liquid Shredder Longboards

Four reasons why you should buy a liquid shredder longboard:

  1. A longboard that is also a softboard. Think of a hi-performance surfboard that's easier and more fun to use.
  2. Peruvian hard wood stringers for strength: this means the middle won't flex as much, guaranteeing you better control.
  3. Longboards, especially Liquid Shredder boards, are perfect for beginner surfers.
  4. The longboards come in any color, can customized in numerous ways, and can handle fresh and salt waters.


Bestselling Liquid Shredder Surfboards


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