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List Of Common Hockey Terms

Updated on August 20, 2010

Common Hockey Terms

It is a common belief that hockey is not as popular in USA as in Canada because of the fact that most people do not understand the hockey terms used. It is not that enjoyable to watch any game and not properly understand what the commentator is saying. While thinking about this we can clearly understand that common hockey terms need to be understood. As happens with most sports we are faced with a lot of terms although there are some that are definitely crucial in properly understanding this game.

We all know what goals are but few know that we can hear something like "Player A did pass that biscuit with perfection". Biscuit is one term that simple means puck. Breakaways take place when players pass the opposition and are faced with a situation where open shots on goal are possible. Then we have Dangle. If we see a player that has good stick handling skills he is described with the use of this term. Deking or Deke are used to describe fakes done by a player. Also, feeding is one term used to describe passing. As an example, "Jimmy fed Johnny". Five Hole is one funny term. It mainly represents that area that is between the goalkeeper's legs and shows an open goal. Since the topic at hand is the goal you might want to know that Top Shelf and Roofed refer to that area of the net that is in the upper part of it. When a player scored in that area we usually say that he roofed the goal. A goalkeeper will sometimes be labeled as Target. He, just like all other players, is using one TWIG, which means hockey stick. If one player shows great Wheels then his ice skating speed is really high.

We are confident in saying that if you do understand the hockey terms that are common you will have a better experience. While there are many others that are used, these are definitely the most confusing for everyone. Do not be deceived and understand hockey terms properly.


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