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Liverpool beat Crystal Palace.

Updated on March 6, 2016
Liverpool Manager:  Jurgen Klopp.
Liverpool Manager: Jurgen Klopp. | Source
James Milner:  Sent off.
James Milner: Sent off. | Source
Liverpool's famous words that fans sing.
Liverpool's famous words that fans sing. | Source
Alan Pardew:  Crystal Palace Manager.
Alan Pardew: Crystal Palace Manager. | Source
Crystal Palace's home ground.
Crystal Palace's home ground. | Source

Klopp Kept Smiling.

As Liverpool and Crystal Palace met on the pitch today both teams are in the Premiership but Crystal Palace are right at the bottom of the league where as Liverpool are in the higher half of the Prem.

Alan Pardew who once managed Newcastle United had recalled Emmanuel Adebayor and McCarthy due to injuries to Wickham and Hennessy failing fitness tests. Meanwhile for Liverpool Sturridge who has been beset with injury problems and has yet to find his footballing mojo again sat alongside Belgian international Beneteke.

The first half was a poor affair and Liverpool it seemed could not contain Crystal Palace and given Crystal Palace's league position it was probably obvious they were going to give Liverpool a run for their money. When your bottom of the league you really have nothing to lose and when faced with a relegation battle if you lose you become very dangerous and so it proved when they faced Liverpool today.

Slopply defending allowed Crystal Palace to score and their fans went wild as the team hugged each other which knocked the smile off the forever smiling German manager Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool seemed to be struggling as Crystal Palace up until half time ran Liverpool ragged.

Klopp put Coutinho on the pitch but nothing really happened then James Milner got yellow carded and sent off leaving Liverpool with ten men.

However Liverpool rallied and Brazilian Firminho scored and Liverpool were back in the game and then Klopp brought on Christian Beneteke. Who right away made a difference to Liverpool's game and then he was brought down and a penalty was awarded to Liverpool.

Benteke stepped up and wrong footed the Crystal Palace goalie sending the ball crashing into the back of the net. It was 2 - 1 to Liverpool and with Liverpool's victory the smile returned to Klopp's face as both teams strolled off the pitch.

Liverpool's position will be higher in the Premiership now where as Crystal Palace will now most likely be facing relegation battle.

Alan Pardew known for his temper threw his jacket on the ground at the dug out and stormed off into the tunnel.

The game to be fair could have gone either way but today it was Liverpool's day.


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