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Living On The Edge Is Not For Everyone

Updated on May 30, 2013
World Climbing:Rock Odyssey By Simon Carter
World Climbing:Rock Odyssey By Simon Carter

An Aussie Doing What He Loves

Meet Simon Carter, rock climber extraordinaire. Born in 1966 the boy from the beautiful Blue Mountains region, New South Wales Australia describes himself as a photographer, owner, manager, art director, rock climber and chief dog walker. Not sure how good he is at walking dogs but he sure is a fantastically good photographer with over 14 years experience and one helluva brave rock climber clocking up over 25 years experience. Add to that an author of a few books, his current one being World Climbing; Rock Odyssey featuring photographs from spectacular locations around the world. His wife, Monique Forestier also participates in this scary pastimes. His favorite location to climb is on the islands off northern Madagascar.

I admire Simon for his passion and enormous talent. It seems that he has been able to combine tow of his passions and talents into one occupation and let's face it, who wouldn't love to be able to do that. If I could I would be a writer of books for teenagers with depression. What would your combined passions be as a career? Please leave your answer in the comments section.

Awards & Merits

He has been awarded the King Albert Medal of Merit for achievements in the mountain world in 2000.

Society of Publishers in Asia Award for Best Feature Photography in 2000

Spinach Film Festival Award for Best Action Photography in 2005

'World Climbing: Images From The Edge' was awarded Best Book - Mountain Image at Banff Mountain Book Festival 2006

The Rick White Memorial Medal in 2009

The Camera Extreme Laureate awarded by the Explorers Festival in 2010

Also named by Men's Journal Magazine (USA) as one of the word's best adventure photographers.

Has completed a Bachelor Of Arts in Outdoor Education at La Trobe University in 1990

Some of Simons Work

Simons stunning photographic website is Do yourself a favor and check it out you won't be disappointed.

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Simon has recently finished the Grampians Guidebook (Feb 2013), completed trips to Spain and Moonarie and has even more photography trips scheduled this year.

The Grampians Guidebook

The Grampians Guidebook
The Grampians Guidebook | Source


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    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia

      Good to see you again :) Thank you for visiting and leaving feedback.

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Interesting and voted up!

      I also admire that man for his passion and adventurousness. Sadly, not many of us find the strength or the faith in ourselves to seek out and dive into our bliss. Too many fears holding us back.

      An inspirational man!

      Peace. :)