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Local Race Tracks

Updated on January 29, 2010

Gingerman Raceway

Family Fun At The Local Race Track

Local race tracks provide the opportunity to see local residents compete in fun, good-natured competition that is both exciting and conveniently-located near your home. Local race tracks have much cheaper admission than larger raceways, making it an affordable activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Vendors are located on-site to provide convenient dining options and there may be a special pass visitors can purchase to go onto the track between races.

Another benefit of local race tracks is that they provide a way for racing enthusiasts to practice their racing skills and become a part of the action. The challenge of the raceway’s twists and turns allows amateur drivers to feel the thrills experienced by their professional driving heroes.  Most drivers at a local track compete as a hobby, though tracks do require that drivers wear safety equipment. Some tracks even offer spectators the chance to try a few laps with a licensed instructor.

A local race track can also provide a service to the community. Some driving or racing schools may use the track for training, or it may be utilzed by law enforcement groups to practice specific driving techniques. A race track can also help to bring business to the community by attracting spectators from neighboring cities. Some local tracks rent out their facilities for a daily rate. Depending on the event, there may be options to have camping, vendors, security and ambulance service for a rental fee.

Local race tracks typically host a number of racing events throughout the year, some of which may feature different models such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis or sports bikes.  Monster truck races or demolition derbies may also be held at local tracks. Some weekend-long events are accommodated by on-site camping.

For an affordable, fun activity that can include the whole family, try visiting your local race track to watch a live race. You’ll find that this exciting sport is a great way to have fun without having to travel out of town.

Racing at Gingerman Raceway

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