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Lolo Jones

Updated on December 10, 2012
Lolo Smith's twitter profile pic
Lolo Smith's twitter profile pic | Source

Lolo Jones, Virginity and Olympics - Oh My!

Lolo Jones has been in the news quite a bit lately because of her admission of being a virgin on a recent HBO interview on the show "Real Sports." She's continued to stand by her purity declaration on other shows such as the TODAY show.

She said, "I do so to honor God & future husband."

Know of any other famous sports players who've publicly made that announcement? Yup: Tim Tebow. (Here's some fun indirect interaction between the two.)

So who is this Lolo Jones and why should we care about what she said? Allow me to explain...

Profile of Lolo Jones

Jones is slated to compete in the 2012 London Olympics as a hurdler - apparently a darn good one at that. She's got the American record for the 60 meter hurdles and is the favorite to win the 100 meter hurdles this summer.

You'd think that training to perform on the world's largest sports stage would be the most difficult thing in life for her, right? Apparently not. She says that remaining a virgin her whole life has been the hardest thing she's ever done. Wow!

Jones has lots of reasons to celebrate!
Jones has lots of reasons to celebrate! | Source

Virginity Aside

Setting aside her open virginity admission, she's got an admirable past. She grew up impoverished, has had spinal surgery and even tripped in the Beijing Olympics! She's more than proven herself a true athlete and seems to be a classy gal to boot.

And you'd never guess her nationality. She is of French, African-American, Native American and Norwegian decent.

For more on Lolo check out her US Track and Field bio here or her twitter or facebook accounts.

On A Personal Note

Personally I'm proud of Lolo Smith's open acknowledgement of her decision to save herself for marriage. How many parents (including myself) have been clamoring for more positive role models for our children?

Lolo Smith is a positive role model and a star athlete. What a great person for our children to emulate.

Oh and I saved myself for marriage too - one of the best decisions in my life. Maybe now I'm ready to start training for the Olympics?


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    • Peter Brown profile image

      Peter Brown 5 years ago

      Well said Stan!

    • profile image

      Stan Barrett 5 years ago

      I am extremely impressed with this young "Lady" both as an athlete, a survivor against all odds and a Christian.

      I would be honored to have a daughter in law like her.