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Looking to baseball for healing after a heartbreak

Updated on March 5, 2013

As my ardent followers may have noticed (please pretend for a moment that you are ardent followers) I haven’t posted a baseball hub in a while. That’s because a personal issue cropped up and on rare occasions – very rare – that takes precedence over baseball.

In this personal issue, I had asked my fiance what she wanted out of our marriage and it turned out she wanted out of our marriage. So after more than two years together and an eleven-month engagement, she decided to continue her life in a solo capacity and moved out.

Instead of baseball, my mind has been preoccupied recently with trying to convince her to stay and, falling short of that, I’ve had my thoughts on other things, like replacing the wall clock and vacuum cleaner she took with her.

Searching for a wall clock

I imagined buying a wall clock would be fairly easy. People like wall clocks; nearly every home has one. Even the Amish have wall clocks.

But I had a hard time finding one. I stopped first at Pier 1, since they seem to have a wide variety of home decor. They had three wall clocks. One looked like it had been made by someone emulating Salvador Dali but with an inadequate supply of drugs to fully complete the task. Another clock was purple and sparkly, and the third was fastened to a mirror, I guess so you could see yourself age as time went by. None of them appealed to me.

Next I trekked through two furniture stores and didn’t find a single clock, not even one for the employees to be able to tell when quitting time arrived. Then I went to Sears, since they carry a wide array of items. Still no clocks.

So I bought a vacuum cleaner.

A purple vacuum cleaner

Obviously, I have to clean at some point. The price was right, the vacuum delightfully small for easy storage and the sales girl was reasonably cute. She carried on her sales pitch, undaunted by my many wisecracks, convincing me to shell out the cash. Although the vacuum is purple, it carries the moniker Shark, which makes it quite manly.

My quest for a clock finally ended at Target. They carried a much more practical selection of wall clocks than Pier 1. I picked out one with a sepia-toned dial and a faux brass frame. Now I should never be late for anything.

And on to Elvis

On Sunday I perused some antique malls with my son and daughter-in-law and came up with a few items to adorn my walls. One of them is a portrait of a young Elvis that now hangs on my bathroom wall.

(For you youngsters reading this, Elvis passed away while seated on his “throne.” A number of years ago my youngest son decided that he should hang his portrait of Elvis in the guest bathroom in tribute to the King. When he bought a house a year later, he took the portrait along and my bathroom has been Elvis-less since.)

Getting back to normal with baseball

It’s funny how a few simple things like that – a wall clock, a vacuum cleaner, a picture of Elvis in the bathroom – can help lift your spirits during a down time. It helped me recover my equilibrium.

Also high on my list in returning to normal is baseball. I’ve purchased a ticket package for the local minor league team (Class A affiliate of the Padres) and soon I’ll renew my subscription to MLB.TV so I can stream all the games live on my computer. My fantasy baseball league starts in April.

Baseball has always had healing properties in my life. I expect it will serve that purpose once again. So, hopefully, I can once again bring you hubs about baseball that will not only bring healing to me, but enjoyment to you, my ardent readers, as well.


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