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Grass root rugby union.

Updated on August 26, 2013

What about grass roots rugby union?

At the moment the rugby world cup is well under way and already there have been some classic encounters, but what happens after that? Why not take a look at some local rugby. Up and down the country there are plenty of local rugby clubs all offering a good Saturday afternoons entertainment at little or no cost. The atmosphere is very light hearted, and “family friendly.” Most clubs are well organised with refreshments of all kinds on offer- Yes beer as well(There is nothing like watching thirty players squabbling over a oval ball while you are holding a burger in one hand and a mug of hot coffee in the other!) In most cases there is a shop selling rugby merchandise on site.

So what makes Rugby union so interesting?

One thing about Rugby is the great display of “Team spirit” by all the players, something not clearly displayed in other mainstream sports. The referee is respected by all the players – his decision is final unlike other sports where the modern game has become very money orientated at all levels and the referees decision is always being questioned by the players. What I find is that all players rely on one another to succeed at the game; they are always up for a laugh, both on and off the pitch and carry their friendships beyond the game. Any differences during the game are forgotten once the final whistle has blown and both sides will always end the afternoon taking refreshments together. From the family point of view I can never recall seeing any spectator trouble at matches (my mother always used to say if there was any spectator problems the players would probably go and sort it out!)

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Why not get involved?

If you are interested and would like to get more involved you could always join your local club as a basic member this would usually entitle you to bar passes, cheap away game transportation, merchandise deals, tickets to club events and a whole lot more. If you have a family, most clubs have a very well organised junior section where children as young as seven years old can go and learn to play. This is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of rugby for me as I have two sons and they both play for the local club at different age groups. You too can get involved with the future of a club as assistant coaches are always sort and in all cases training courses are put on by the club and run by the RFU. If you are keen on managing a game some clubs offer referee courses and all clubs are very proactive in raising the awareness of safety in the game. REMEMBER you could be helping to keep local grass root rugby on the map.

I am a assistant coach at my local club I will be writing more hubs on this subject in the future. See you then.


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