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Do You Make Injured Young Athletes Play in Pain?

Updated on June 16, 2015

Pushing her over the edge or?

Younger Athletes are not being allowed to heal
Younger Athletes are not being allowed to heal | Source

Toughen Up and Get Back Out There

All too often the emphasis is on wining at all cost. This is dangerous particularly in developing children.

Children can still be growing into their 20's. The end plates of their bones can still be active. Injuries that involve bones can damage them for life physically.

Is there too much emphasis on sports ?

Do you feel that young athletes are being pushed too hard by over bearing parents?

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Plain Talk about Young Athletes

What about having fun playing sports?

We all want to be winners. That is a natural inclination . Are our own inadequacies from our youth causing us to push our kids harder in an effort to win while playing sports?

Children want parental approval, are we guilty of playing off that to coerce them into playing while they are injured?

Have you ever heard the crowd cheer when an injured athlete gets up and returns to the playing field? Positive reinforcement of playing while injured?

Strike a balance between school and sports


Well Rounded Kids Should be the Goal

Try and face it , most of our kids will not get a scholarship. Some won't even play into high school. Sports are a great way to build confidence that you can use in the real world.

The reality is that your kid is a wonderful human being. Their minds need physical exercise as much as they need mental exercise.

Strike a balance Between Sports & Studies


How do you feel about over emphasizing sports?

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