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Lucha Tributes: Aerostar

Updated on January 24, 2016

We’re cutting to the chase here gang. The X-Files is debuting in an hour, there’s football and a mainstream version of Aztec Warfare going on right now; basically, there’s a whole lot of stuff to fit in. So what do I have on tap for you? Why it’s a Lucha Tribute for someone I’ve written not once, not twice, but several times about, one of my favorite luchadors on the planet today and a guy who is this close to becoming a major, MAJOR star. He also happens to win every single poll I do that features him, which must mean people feel the same way about him I do. Let’s waste no more time; this is a Lucha Tribute for Lucha Underground’s Intergalactic Maniac, Aerostar. Or is it Aero Star? Does it matter?

What You Already Know

For once, this section is likely to dwarf the “What You Didn’t Know” section. I mean let’s be real; Aerostar is one of the most well known luchadors on the planet. He’s the guy from AAA who’s the star of many a Rob Viper YouTube tribute and who has literally jumped off the ceiling to beat his opponents. He competed at PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles even earlier this year, taking part in what might’ve been the best tag team match of 2015 alongside Fenix, Pentagon Jr. and Drago. For goodness sakes, Aerostar, Fenix and Drago had a Cinderella run through CHIKARA’s King of Trios tournament last year, ultimately winning the whole thing after beating three youngsters named AJ Styles, Matt and Nick Jackson. Talented kids; seemed like they had potential.

It's the coolest curtain call ever!
It's the coolest curtain call ever!

More important than all of that however was the Intergalactic Maniac’s run in Lucha Underground. His first match was the now forgotten four way classic that introduced himself, Cage, Angelico and Argenis to the Temple. The success of that match propelled all but Argenis (at least in his human form); Cage would go onto become one of the top rudos in the company, Angelico flew like Superman one or two times and Aerostar became the most underrated star in the company. Highlights of his first season run included a well done Best of Five series with Drago, an unbelievable match with Jack Evans and a balcony dive during the seven way Gift of the Gods Championship match at Ultima Lucha. As the season ended, we last saw Aerostar and Drago (now friends again after their quick rivalry) go their separate ways, with Drago flying off to do dragon stuff and Aerostar LAUNCHING HIMSELF INTO OUTER SPACE! Seriously, who was surprised? I didn’t call him the Intergalactic Maniac just for my health after all!

What You Didn’t Know

There are some superficial things about Aerostar that often fall through the cracks; he was the last character ever created by legendary AAA booker Antonio Pena (who sadly died before Aerostar officially debuted as Aerostar in 2008) and he grew up as huge fans of luchadors Rey Mysterio and Atlantis. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Of course, there’s always more to the story beyond that. You may remember the last time I wrote about Aerostar featured me heavily campaigning for him to be the next AAA Mega Champion. There were several reasons for that; a) he’s one of the most exciting luchadors in the world right now, b) he’s a young guy and AAA should be pushing younger guys to the top and c) I felt that Aerostar was a performer who hadn’t gotten nearly his just do for his amazing abilities. While he still hasn’t necessarily gotten that, he’s actually been a lot more successful than one would think at first glance. During his AAA run, Aerostar has captured gold on one occasion, as one half of the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions with Faby Apache and has proven to be quite successful in tournaments. The 2008 Alas de Oro; won by Aerostar. The 2010 Copa Antonio Pena, one of the biggest tournaments held in AAA? Yup, Aerostar won that too, last eliminating the legendary original La Parka to claim the crown. Add that to his three Luchas de Apuestas victories over Billy Boy, Chris Stone and the ruiner of everything Super Fly (who’s mask was taken by Aerostar in an excellent match at the 2014 Guerra de Titanes show) and its overall been pretty good for Aerostar. It should be better, but at least it’s not like going from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to Jonah Hex.

The most notable thing about Aerostar besides that? Well, as a Mexico native and a young man who grew up worshipping Rey Mysterio and Atlantis, Aerostar has primarily stayed in Mexico, seemingly only branching out to the US now that he’s become a star in Lucha Underground. Safe to say he’s never worked elsewhere around the world, right? NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. Back in 2011, Aerostar would end up having a short stint in Japan with the popular Pro Wrestling NOAH promotion (AAA and NOAH have had some sort of working relationship with each other for years now). While it was brief, it does appear that Aerostar had a good time there, wrestling against top notch talent like Eddie Edwards and Zack Sabre Jr. (who Aerostar actually beat in their lone one on one match) and, get ready to be excited, teaming with Jack Evans. That’s right, the Intergalactic Maniac and the Inventor of Modern Lucha Libre were a regular tag team during Aerostar’s NOAH tour, which fills me to the brim with a feeling of goodness. Seriously, picture Jack Evans and Aerostar teaming together? It’s like taking the best parts of the movie Out Cold and the TV show Voltron, and then adding them together for a combination that makes no sense but is wildly entertaining none the less. It also explains why the two have such good chemistry as opponents. Lucha Underground, before the Temple doors close for good in the year 2119, I request that we get a Evans/Aerostar tag team reunion. The people want it; THE PEOPLE NEED IT!

Jack and Aerostar, tag team partners turned rivals
Jack and Aerostar, tag team partners turned rivals

Best Moments

We’re going with several here. First, we have the Evans-Aerostar match from Lucha Underground, a bout I’ve written so much about already and will write more about somewhere down the road. For now, let me sum it up by saying it’s a fantastic contest, both men come out looking great and I’m still not sure how Jack is alive following that Canadian Destroyer.

Second, we have the balcony dive. What more do I have to say than that? The man jumped off a freakin balcony. Even Jim Cornette would disapprove of it not making this list (then again, he’d disapprove of me breaking kayfabe about fourteen hundred times in this article alone).

And finally, we have Aerostar jumping from an even higher platform than the Temple balcony, which is to say I have a clip of him jumping from the ceiling during a AAA show and squashing Pentagon Jr. like he was Muffy in Antz. Again, what more do I need to say beyond that?


I honestly was unsure whether I should do one of these on Aerostar, mainly because I’ve said so much about the man already. To say that he’s one of the greatest high flyers in the world right now and has one of the most underrated, passionate fan bases of any luchador currently would be an understatement and something we’ve covered many times. But when it comes to greatness, why not point it out as many times as possible? The world is still not ready for just how amazing Aerostar is as a performer. 2015 may have been his coming out party in the US, but it’s nothing compared to what he’s going to do this year. There’s no question in my mind Aerostar will be a, pun fully intended, star in Lucha Underground; his natural nature as an underdog and inhuman ability to do things most mortal men can’t do will eventually get him one or two Lucha Underground Championship reigns. What I’m hoping for is that AAA realizes the same thing. The bottom line; Aerostar is special. If you can’t see it, you must be from outer space.

And scene! That’s it for me guys; I’m off to patiently await the return of The X-Files in a little less than an hour from now (and no, I don’t expect Aerostar to be on it. Save your alien jokes!). Till tomorrow, how about some Krycek? What, it’s not like he’ll be appearing in the new X-Files right? RIGHT?!

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