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Lucha Underground Fan Vote Results!

Updated on August 19, 2015

***These results were taken in the, "Lucha Underground Fan Vote," poll. The poll was made by a Believer, for the Believers!"

Lucha Underground is a television show about Lucha Libre/Pro Wrestling. It took a risk at trying to break from the "monthly ppv formula," that other companies were doing. They gave the fans what they wanted, instead of dragging them along for ratings & ppv payoffs. I think Lucha Underground succeeded this season, because it gave every wrestler a chance to shine, and tell a story. Every wrestler was utilized, not just the few top guys. Another reason was, that they always raised the stakes in matches. Having Luchadors fight for money, medallions, or even their mask raises the importance in the match. Lastly, every match this year had action, was fast paced, and wrestlers sold moves perfectly. Lucha Underground wasn't a slug fest, it had great wrestling technicians, combined with high flying acrobatics. Even a casual fan can appreciate what these Luchadors put their bodies through. Lucha Underground brought a lot of people's interest back into wrestling, and I'm glad to be a part of it.


Manager of the Year

WINNER: Catrina


2. Vampiro

3. Konnan

Most Charismatic

Charisma - compelling attractiveness or charm, that can inspire devotion in others.

WINNER: Son of Havoc


2. Ivelisse

3. Pimpinela Escarlata

Best In-Ring Attire

The Lucha Libre mask & attire gives luchadors the opportunity to create something artistic, and to convey a superhero-like persona.



2. Pentagon Jr.

3. Mil Muertes

4. King Cuerno

5. Aerostar

Best High-Flying Moment

WINNER: Angelico's Super Dropkick with 75% of the vote


2. Angelico's Crossbody on the Disciples of Death at Ultima Lucha

3. Aerostar's splash from the rafters

Best Entrance



2. Mil Muertes

3. Johnny Mundo

4. King Cuerno

Trios Team of the Year

WINNER: Ivelisse, Angelico, & Son of Havoc with 80% of the vote


2. Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, & Hernandez

3. The Disciples of Death

Best Backstage Moment

WINNER by 6 votes: "Drago's Return to the Temple"


2. The first time Alberto el Patron shows up in Dario Cueto's office.

3. Vampiro fighting his demons in the mirror, after saving Sexy Star from Pentagon Jr.

4. The Rebirth of Mil Muertes in the coffin.

Best Technico/Babyface

WINNER: Prince Puma


2. Fenix

3. Sexy Star

4. Son of Havoc

Best Rudo/Heel

WINNER: Pentagon Jr.


2. Johnny Mundo

3. Mil Muertes

4. King Cuerno

Holy Sh*t Moment of the Year

WINNER: Johnny Mundo throwing Alberto el Patron through Dario Cueto's window.


2. Mil Muertes powerbombing Fenix through the roof

3. Pentagon Jr. slamming Vampiro through a table on fire

4. Prince Puma spears Johnny Mundo off the stage, and onto 4 tables

Luchadora of the Year

Winner: Sexy Star


2. Ivelisse

3. Catrina

4. Black Lotus

5. Melina

Luchador of the Year

Winner: Prince Puma


2. Pentagon Jr.

3. Johnny Mundo

4. Mil Muertes

5. Angelico

Best Rivalry

WINNER: Vampiro & Pentagon Jr.


2. Mil Muertes vs. Fenix

3. Alberto el Patron vs. Johnny Mundo

4. Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo

5. Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma

Match of the Year

Grave Consequences: Mil Muertes vs. Fenix

Runners Up:

2. Cero Miedo - Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr.

3. All Night Long - Prince Puma (C) vs. Johnny Mundo

Here's a link to the Top 10 voted by The Believers:

Special Thanks!

Thank you to the Producers, Writers, Directors, Announcers Team, The Officials, The Crew, Cameramen, Sound, Lighting, Makeup, Everyone who was a part of making Lucha Underground! Also Thanks to all the talented Luchadors y Luchadoras for their magnificent Lucha Libre and acting ability! And Lastly, thank you to all the Believers who took this wonderful ride with Lucha Underground! Thanks for voting in this poll, and letting your voice be heard!


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