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Updated on June 27, 2016

Switzerland down with a 4-2-3-1 formation. While Poland played with a 4-4-2 formas. But in the match, Poland's progress to a 4-4-1-1 with striker Lewandowski into second behind Arek Milik.

First half

Poland has the potential to lead this fight about the first minute. But Arkadiusz Milik attempts missed the target. Switzerland then reacted with Blerim Dzemaili's attempt misuced in near post.

Polish shoes can get more than one goal if they were more clinical in front of goal. Grzegorz Krychowiak, Kamil Grosicki and owned all missed their chance in the penalty box.

In the 36th minute Dzemaili attempted danger again but Fabianski prevent Switzerland agility to stay ahead.

Poland finally ahead with a goal by veteran Jakub Blaszczykowski. Swizerland defense rather chaotic and failed to shut down the movement Grosicki and finally they were punished by Poland.

Blaszczykowski to swipe the ball between his legs Sommer scored first for Poland and maintain the network until half-time.

Second half

In the second half, a bit disappointing when Poland loosen their intensity after 60 minutes.

Their intensity is not high in the first half. They are not simply a desire to find a second goal after that.

However in the 50th minute Lewandowski managed to make shots on goal saved by Sommer.

Ricardo Rodriguez then made a free kick for Switzerland that very nearly equalized. But save by Fabianski indeed world class.

8 minutes before the final whistle, Xheridan Shaqiri did kick in line outside the penalty area. It was a spectacular effort for Switzerland equalized. Goal of the tournament?

After the goal, the new Poland showed more interest to find a goal. But unfortunately the tempo of the match was already owned by Switzerland.

Extra time 30 minutes

Matches take place within a simple and not a lot of fast movement and attempts to do. Players both teams looked a bit tired.

But the action Shaqiri rising in this period. She gets a lot of balls and try to create more opportunities.

Shaqiri pass to Eren Derdiyok almost resulted in the winning goal but the striker's header was saved Fabianski.

The match ended and determination will be made on penalties.

Penalty shootout

Poland deserved to win the penalty shootout with the quality of their penalty takers for a penalty even though many of them managed to read Somer.

Granit Xhaka the only player who failed to score when he shot wildly into the right side of Fabianski. One slice of poor technique.

Poland won 5-4 on penalties after Krychowiak enhance their 5th kick.


Balanced And Difficult Game

This match took quite a long time for both sides to resolve the issue of the formation in the field.

It then becomes quite difficult for both teams with a lack of creativity behind the strikers to break each block defense.

In the first half, Switzerland more shots on goal but relatively poor quality of their finishing and defense of Poland also do a lot of obstacles (block)

Poland is quite dependent on their defense and Fabianski action in this match. Polish supporters certainly still waiting for a real canine Lewandowski in the tournament.

Unrealistic attitude Poland

It reminds us to England to relax the effort to find a second goal. Luckily they managed to win the game on penalties.

Euro This is a field to a late goal. At the same time, the quality of both teams not vary too much for Poland to play passive.

At the same time the biggest credit is for Lukasz Fabianski, who played very well in this match.

Is it fair victory?

Based on the desire, we feel that Switzerland is entitled to win this match. They control the tempo of the match in the second half and try harder.

But in a penalty shootout, very difficult to deny the greatness of Poland that the quality of a good quality set of penalty takers.

Switzerland fail to beat Fabianski through several trials and it is they who determine the fate of the turning point them in this match.

Meanwhile defender Pazdan Poland which also brilliant with nine clearances in this match.


Man Of The Match

Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)

Poland forward!

Congratulations Poland! being able to reach the first knockout round of the European Cup. They also conceded the first time in this edition.

But Poland supporters are still awaiting the scorer of 13 goals in qualifying, Lewandowski scored first for.


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