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Updated on June 27, 2016

Ireland defended well

Throughout the match, the coupling Bale and Aaron Ramsey have been 'silenced' by McAuley and Jonny Evans. In the middle of the field also Noorwood managed to control it with the good.

Tactical Ireland is to let anything attempted by Wales and try to launch a counter attack.

Threats Northern Ireland

Stuart Dallas, twice forcing Wales goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey to make saves in the first 22 minutes.

While Lafferty seharunsya do better when receiving a cross from Jonny Evans.

Players wingback Wales Chris Gunter then work hard to deny Craig Cathcart who welcome free kick Norwood.

Wales blunt

Wales were previously very sharp with a 3-0 win over Russia, this time not be fully visible in front of goal.

Wales then had to increase the intensity of the game in the second half. They want to play faster. But they have a great challenge in all parts of Ireland Utrara.

Sam Vokes squandered a golden chance in the 53rd minute. He headed a wild pass from Aaron Ramsey.

Bale inspiration

Wales seemed depressed and Gareth Bale once again become their inspiration when he increased the threats towards the fort Northern Ireland.

Bale made a superb free kick but saved McGovern.

When Wales visits quite difficult to achieve anything in this match, Bale ended up doing magic again.

Bale receives the ball from Ramsey at the end of the penalty area. He was Himself a low cross.

McAuley, pressed by Hal Robson-Kanu and he tries to prevent the ball from Robson Kanu connected with. However, his efforts led to its own network and it became the winner of Wales.

This is the first match in the European Cup this time, Bale failed to score for Wales.

Man of The Match

Jamie Chester (Wales)


Wales Succeed!

Congratulations Wales since won this difficult match. The exciting campaigns of many. This team has the potential to go further.


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