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MLB 2012 AL Central predictions

Updated on March 30, 2012

The 2012 baseball season is upon us. There really isn’t much better than going to the ballpark, having a beer and watching baseball. Each spring we all share the same feeling of energy and hope that “this is the year”.

Here are my predictions on the 2012 AL Central:

AL Central:

With a solid rotation and the addition of Prince Fielder, the Detroit Tigers are the clear front runners in this division. Kansas City has one of the most exciting young lineups in baseball and look to make a leap into the heap of playoff contenders.

Chicago White Sox

Outside of Chris Sale, there is not much to get excited about when you look at Chicago's rotation. Their projected opening day starter is John Danks, who in 2011 won just 8 games and carried a very mediocre 4.33 ERA. If the White Sox are going to be competitive in 2012, they are going to need Paul Konerko to carry the load. They are also going to need huge bounce back seasons from DH Adam Dunn and OF Alex Rios. Pitching is going to be a major problem for this year's White Sox

Projected Rotation and Lineup


  1. J. Danks

  2. G. Floyd

  3. C. Sale

  4. P. Humber

  5. J. Peavy


  1. LF A. De Aza

  2. SS A. Ramirez

  3. 1B P. Konerko

  4. DH A. Dunn

  5. RF A. Rios

  6. 3B B. Morel

  7. CF D. Viciedo

  8. C AJ PierZynski

  9. 2B G. Beckham

Cleveland Indians

Justin Masterson and Ubaldo Jimenez will anchor the Indians rotation. Veteran Derek Lowe comes over from Atlanta looking to give Cleveland a boost. The Indians have the making of an interesting lineup. RF Shin-Soo Choo and C/1B Carlos Santana will lead the way for the tribe. Upstart third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall and second baseman Jason Kipnis could make things interesting in the crowded AL Central.

Projected Rotation and Lineup


  1. J. Masterson

  2. U. Jimenez

  3. D. Lowe

  4. J. Tomlin

  5. K. Slowey


  1. CF M. Brantley

  2. SS A. Cabrera

  3. RF S. Choo

  4. C. C. Santana

  5. DH T. Hafner

  6. 1B C. Kotchman

  7. 3B L. Chineshall

  8. 2B J. Kipnis

  9. LF A. Cunningham

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have the best pitching staff and lineup in the AL Central. Super Star Justin Verlander leads a quality rotation with guys like Doug Fister who held a very good 2.83 ERA a year ago and 15 game winner Matt Scherzer. In one of the biggest off-season moves in baseball this year was the Tigers acquiring slugger Prince Fielder. With his .299 BA and his 38 long balls along with stud Miguel Cabrera, this lineup is very dangerous indeed. Look out.

Projected Rotation and Lineup


  1. J. Verlander

  2. D. Fister

  3. M. Scherzer

  4. R. Porcello

  5. A. Oliver


  1. CF A. Jackson

  2. RF B. Boesch

  3. 3B M. Cabrera

  4. 1B P. Fielder

  5. DH D. Young

  6. SS J. Peralta

  7. C A. Avila

  8. LF A. Dirks

  9. 2B R. Raburn

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City has some of the best young hitters in the game with the likes of 1B Eric Hosmer, DH Billy Butler, LF Alex Gordan and 3B Mike Moustakas. The issue with K.C. is going to be the rotation. Their top 3 starters Luke Hochevar, Bruce Chen and Jonathan Sanchez combined to win just 27 game last season. This team may score a lot of runs in 2012, but they may give up more. Regardless, this lineup should be fun to watch.

Projected Rotation and Lineup


  1. L. Hochevar

  2. B. Chen

  3. J. Sanchez

  4. F. Paulino

  5. D.Duffy


  1. LF A. Gordon

  2. 2B J. Giavotella

  3. 1B E. Hosmer

  4. DH B. Butler

  5. 3B M. Moustakas

  6. RF J. Francoeur

  7. CF L. Cain

  8. C H. Quintero

  9. SS A. Escobar

Minnesota Twins

So much of the Twins success this year will come down to the health of 1B Justin Morneau and C Joe Mauer. There is no disputing that when these guys are healthy they are among the elites at their positions. With these guys healthy, everyone in the Twins lineup is better. The Rotation on this ball club is not overwhelming. This is a veteran rotation with Carl Pavano and Francisco Liriano at the top. Look for the twins to be respectable on offense and sub par in pitching. Could be a tough year for the Twins.


  1. C. Pavano

  2. F. Liriano

  3. S. Baker

  4. N. Blackburn

  5. J. Marquis


  1. CF D. Span

  2. SS J. Carrol

  3. C J. Mauer

  4. 1B J. Mourneau

  5. LF J. Willingham

  6. 3B D. Valencia

  7. DH R. Doumit

  8. RF B. Revere

  9. 2B A. Casilla

How they will finish

  1. Detroit Tigers

  2. Kansas City Royals

  3. Cleveland Indians

  4. Minnesota Twins

  5. Chicago White Sox

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Who will win the AL Central?

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    • s211216 profile image

      s211216 6 years ago

      It is definitely Detroit's division to lose, but if KC's rotation can be average, they will end the season with a winning record for the first time in 10 years. Not sure if they can climb into the playoff conversation just yet.

    • Eric L. Andrews profile image

      Eric L. Andrews 6 years ago from Midwestern United States

      Enjoyed your article. I am a huge baseball fan (Reds). The Royals will be fun to watch; the Tigers will outscore everyone and give the ball to Valverde; and Adam Dunn will hit much better this year than '11. He is too good of a hitter to repeat last season. Sox gave away most of their pitching...don't understand that one.

      Have fun this season. There'll be lots of surprises.