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MLB Abomination Baseball Knit Beanie Review - Baseball Knit Hats & Apparel

Updated on July 17, 2011

Celebrate the San Francisco Giants World Series Victory!


Warm Up Winter with a Baseball Knit Hat

Winter can be the worst for baseball fans.

But, just because the summer is over, it doesn’t mean you have to stop rooting for your favorite baseball team. No sir.

As the snow begins to pile up on the East Coast and in the Midwest and the winter arrives quicker than a Carlos Marmol fastball, simply replace your traditional baseball cap with a MLB knit beanie and show your team pride all the way through Opening Day.

It’s just that easy, baseball fans.

Twins '47 MLB Abomination Knit Beanie

The MLB Abomination Knit Beanie from 47 Brand is a pretty stylish winter hat. It has a woven Peruvian design with your favorite baseball team’s colors and logos spread out across the hat and a colorful poof sits on top.

The side flaps have the MLB team name embroidered across the side and drop down over your ears to fight of frostbite. The beanie flaps feature attached, braided chin straps to tie the beanie securely to your dome so it doesn’t blow away on blistery winter days where the wind is worse than Wrigley Field. However, the “hip” look is to just let them hang down to the side (just so you know).

If you don’t want the flaps covering your ears, you can simply tie them up over the top of your head and the MLB knit hat is flapless just like that. I have never seen anyone do that, but hey, to each their own.

Hat's Off to Twins '47!

The MLB Abomination Knit Beanie is made entirely of durable acrylic fabric, so it should have no problem standing up to the worst weather winter has to offer, even if you are up to your knees shoveling your driveway. Who knows, maybe a passing snowplow will notice the baseball logos and give a fellow fan a helping hand? It’s possible.

One size fits most, so you don’t have to go grab any measuring tape and size up your cranium before purchasing this knit hat from 47 Brand. With a stretchy ribbed design, even someone with a head the size of David Ortiz should be able to comfortably wear the MLB Abomination Knit Beanie.

As of now, it appears as though the MLB Abomination Knit Beanie is only available for teams in cold-weather locales, although, there is an Atlanta Braves version. Hmm? I guess you are out of luck San Diego Padres fans. Sorry!

Available MLB Teams:

Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers
Milwaukee Brewers
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals

So, if you’re a fan of any of those MLB teams, or if you know someone who is (Christmas present maybe?), I highly recommend this baseball knit hat. It keeps you warm, and best of all it keeps you in a baseball state of mind until pitchers and catchers report in the spring.


The knit hat is sold somewhere between $17-$20 on most online retail sites specializing in baseball clothes and apparel.

To buy the MLB Abomination Knit Beanie click on the Amazon link above or try one of these online retailers:

Lids, Fanhouse, Fans Edge, Star Struck


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