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MSR Windpro II review

Updated on June 16, 2016
Set up, In action
Set up, In action

MSR Windpro II

Most of my camping is with my truck. So I don't usually have to carry my gear very far. However with my small truck (Toyota Tacoma access cab long box) space is at a premium. I'd wanted one of the really small, light backpacking style stoves for a while and finally found one that fit my needs.

I decided on LPG because I didn't want the hassle of changing and cleaning jets that comes with a multi fuel stove. LPG is also considered a little better when you don't want to just boil water as fast as possible because it will let you use low heat. One drawback of LPG has been that it requires pressure to operate. Thus the colder it is outside the less pressure you have in the canister to operate the stove. MSR says they have fixed this problem with the Windpro II. After the stove has been lit in conventional mode you can invert the canister (there is a stand supplied) and it will run on liquid instead of gas. As a bonus the flame burns a little hotter on liquid fuel as well.

After a few uses around the house and shop as well as two camping trips I'm impressed so far!Because the stove is free standing and has 3 legs it's very stable and easy to block the wind with the supplied wind blocker. I was skeptical at first but its also quite strong. It had no problem with a 12" cast iron pan at breakfast time. I think there are probably smaller lighter stoves that will boil water faster but the windpro II had no problem getting a pot of water boiling by the time I manually ground the beans for the french press. Low heat was also no problem as I was able to make omelettes just as easily as at home. I haven't tried it out in very wind or very cold conditions yet. But so far this stove has worked flawlessly for me and seems to be a great fit for my needs.

The entire stove comes in a nice draw string bag
The entire stove comes in a nice draw string bag
Here are all the parts
Here are all the parts


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