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Madden NFL 16 Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Updated on February 4, 2016

Super Bowl week as it is a tradition, EA Sports has made its traditional simulation Madden grab awaits us on Sunday between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

They are already twelve seasons in which Madden has carried out this exercise, atinando no less than nine of the twelve times the winner of the Super Bowl .... And not only that, but last year, the game not only managed a tight victory of the New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks, but also, he hit upon the net and predicted that Tom Brady happen for 335 yards , only seven of which ended up recording the Patriots QB in Phoenix Stadium.

Well then, it is no surprise that the Carolina Panthers departing as favorites in Las Vegas to win their first Super Bowl, and Madden simulation performed yesterday, told queeeeeeeeeee ... ..

Indeed, the Carolina Panthers 24-20 to defeat the Denver Broncos and the most valuable player is Cam Newton.

In the simulation, Newton completed 19 of 26 passes for 216 yards with a TD and an interception. However, the match was dominated defenses, where they guessed, Denver will have many problems moving the ball.

Will be?

The Super Bowl 50 has come and of course we'll have them many surprises throughout the week!


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