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Magnesium Fire Starter- A Must for Campers

Updated on October 13, 2017

Camping is definitely one of the wonderful ways to spend a vacation. Whether you go alone, with family or with friends, it is always an exciting and thrilling outdoor adventure. There are so many place to choose from – lakes or beaches, mountains or national parks or in the vast wilderness! It affords relaxation in the natural environment, provides scenic views and is considered a very healthy recreational activity.

Frolicking with a Camp Fire

A camping trip should obviously be well planned and executed. There are so many essentials one has to pack while going camping and one of the most essential things is a fire starter. Now imagine camping without a campfire! Yes, it is unimaginable! It certainly is not fun camping when there are no camp fire stories or songs and all the fun and frolic that go along with that! And there of course there is the necessity of outdoor cooking. So a fire steel with a good striker makes our job so easy. It provides the ignition to start the fire which spreads warmth and a sense of camaraderie among the campers. And camp fire cooking is fun!

Buy Flintstone Fire Starter

Camping Essentials

It is imperative that one of basic essential item you should be carrying with you is a good magnesium lighter. The flintstone should be able to ignite in all weather conditions. There could be camping days when there are strong winds, it could pouring with rain, the wind could be strong or the weather condition could be so cold that a normal match or lighter may not do the work. A flint stone fire lighter can save you from this trouble.

Inability to build fire could soon dampen the spirit of the campers. To avoid this – buy a good quality fire starter when buying all your other camping essentials!


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