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Major League Baseball Power Rankings After the Month of July

Updated on August 1, 2014

Major League Baseball 2014

Can Jon Lester pitch the Athletics to the World Series this year?
Can Jon Lester pitch the Athletics to the World Series this year? | Source

Athletics remain number one

1. Oakland Athletics (66-41) - The Athletics did nothing to hurt their status at the top of the Power Rankings by going 15-10 in July. They made two key trades in the month as well to acquire starting pitchers Jeff Samardzija, Jason Hammel and Jon Lester. They sacrificed offense for pitching in the Lester deal by trading away their cleanup hitter Yoenis Cespedes, but their moves showed that they mean business and are all in for 2014.

2. Los Angeles Angels (64-43) - The Angels went 19-8 in the month of July to move way up in the rankings. The Angels are in position to qualify for the postseason for the first time in the young career of their superstar outfielder Mike Trout. The Angels July trades included acquiring relief pitchers Jason Grilli and Huston Street to bolster the back end of their bullpen.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (62-47) - A solid month of July has the Dodgers up 3.5 games for first place in the National League West. The Dodgers went 14-10 in July and swept the Giants in their latest weekend series to take over first place and run with it for a while.

4. Baltimore Orioles (60-47) - With a great month of July, the Orioles were able to vault to the top of the standings in the American League East. This included going 6-4 on an difficult road trip against the top contenders in the American League West. The Orioles went 17-8 in July along with acquiring left handed reliever Andrew Miller to bolster their bullpen for the stretch run.

5. Detroit Tigers (58-47) - The Tigers went 13-13 in the month of July, but should soon be moving up in the Power Rankings due to their trade additions this past month. The Tigers added reliever Joakim Soria to bolster the back end of their bullpen, and starting pitcher David Price to solidify their fantastic rotation.

6. Milwaukee Brewers (60-49) - The Brewers went 9-16 in the month of July to come back to the pack in the National League Central. So far this season they have had a spectacular April, a losing month of May, a spectacular month of June and a losing month of July. If the pattern continues, they should post a winning record in August, and for now they still hold the top spot in the National League Central.

7. Washington Nationals (58-48) - The Nationals went 14-10 in the month of July to re-take the top spot in the National League East standings. Pitching continues to be the Nationals strength, which bodes well for them if they qualify for the postseason.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (60-50) - The Toronto Blue Jays went 15-11 in July to get back on track, but they are now in second place in the American League East. The Blue Jays currently hold a wildcard spot and are in good position to qualify for the postseason this year with Marcus Stroman leading the way.

9. San Francisco Giants (58-50) - The Giants went 12-14 in the month of July as their slide down the rankings continued. They added Jake Peavy before the trade deadline though, and currently hold a wildcard spot in the National League. The Giants offense has not been nearly as good the past two months as it was in the first two months of the season, and it may cost them a playoff spot if their offensive woes continue.

10. St. Louis Cardinals (57-50) - The Cardinals went 13-11 in the month of July and are currently in second place in the National League Central while being tied for a wildcard position. The Cardinals added pitchers John Lackey and Justin Masterson at the trade deadline, but it came at the cost of pitcher Joe Kelly and outfielder Allen Craig from their Major League roster.

11. Atlanta Braves (58-51) - The Braves went 13-13 in the month of July after finishing the month of June on a tear. Its been an up and down season for the Braves so far, but they are still tied for the second wildcard spot in the National League.

12. Pittsburgh Pirates (57-51) - The Pirates went 15-11 in the month of July to record their third straight winning month after their rough start to the season. Gregory Polanco experienced some rookie struggles in July but still found a way to contribute at the top of the Pirates order. Gerrit Cole is looking to return from his second stint on the disabled list in the last two months, while Francisco Liriano has pitched well for the Pirates in three starts following the all star break.

13. Seattle Mariners (56-52) - The Mariners went 11-14 in the month of July, but still remain in the American League wildcard race. They added centerfielder Austin Jackson at the trade deadline, and although it cost them top infield prospect Nick Franklin, the Mariners are now in better position to compete down the stretch.

14. Kansas City Royals (55-52) - The Royals went 12-13 in the month of July, but still remain in second place in the American League Central. They still have a chance at an American League wildcard berth, but they were unable to make a big addition before the non-waiver trade deadline.

15. Cincinnati Reds (54-54) - The Reds went 11-15 in the month of July after getting off to such a great start to the month's schedule. Since the all star break however they have struggled but still remain in the National League wildcard race.

16. New York Yankees (55-52) - The Yankees went 14-12 in the month of July and made some significant additions to the club via trade. Brandon McCarthy, Stephen Drew, Martin Prado and Chase Headley will all be playing with the Yankees for the stretch run of the season. It will be interesting to see if the Yankees can overcome their poor run differential and make a run at a playoff berth.

17. Tampa Bay Rays (53-55) - The Rays went 17-6 in the month of July to get back into the American League wildcard conversation. They traded their Ace David Price at the trade deadline though, so it is unlikely that the Rays will continue their run. Its not over for Tampa because crazier things have happened.

18. Cleveland Indians (53-55) - The Indians went 14-12 in July to stay in the wildcard hunt in the American League, but they sold at the trade deadline. Cleveland traded shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera to Washington and starting pitcher Justin Masterson to St. Louis.

19. Miami Marlins (53-55) - The Marlins keep battling to stay in the mix for playoff spot despite losing Jose Fernandez for the season. Going 14-12 to stay in the mix through the month of July. By adding pitcher Jarred Cosart at the trade deadline, they not only added a useful power arm for this season, but a pitcher that they have control of his rights well into the future.

20. Chicago White Sox (53-56) - The White Sox went 14-12 in the month of July and have a great duo to build around for next season. Ace pitcher Chris Sale currently leads the American League in earned runs average and Jose Abreu is the Major League leader in homeruns hit through four months of play.

21. New York Mets (52-56) - The Mets played well in July mostly due to a strong pitching staff, as they went 15-10 through the month's schedule. The Mets are unlikely to contend for anything this year, but a strong finish could give them hope for next season with the return of Matt Harvey. First basemen Lucas Duda emerged as a legitimate everyday first basemen for the Mets with a very solid month of July.

22. Minnesota Twins (48-59) - The Twins set themselves up for the future with their trade deadline deal for Tommy Milone. In a lost season the Twins now have to play for 2015 and beyond, but with a strong farm system they should be able to make a push in the coming years.

23. San Diego Padres (48-60) - The Padres continued their offensive frustrations in July throughout most of the month, but they continue to get great pitching from key youngster. If the Padres are able to add a bat or two in the offseason without sacrificing much of their pitching strength, they will enter next season once again as a dark horse contender.

24. Boston Red Sox (48-60) - The Red Sox re-tooled at this year's deadline and may have made a lost season more successful, as they appear to be in position to bounce right back again next season.

25. Arizona Diamondbacks (48-61) - The Diamondbacks made some moves for the future to finish July by trading Martin Prado and Brandon McCarthy to the Yankees. They also traded Gerardo Parra to the Brewers, but retained all the key players that they need to form their core for next season.

26. Philadelphia Phillies (48-61) - The Phillies decision not to sell pieces at the deadline may come back to bite them. In a situation where they believe they can't completely rebuild, they may be in for multiple disappointing seasons before they finally decide to clean house and rebuild completely.

27. Chicago Cubs (45-62) - The Chicago Cubs made a big trade with the Oakland Athletics to make a great farm system even better. The Cubs should be in position to make a run at a playoff berth within two years, but they have a problem on their hands currently with the Edwin Jackson situation.

28. Colorado Rockies (44-64) - The Rockies went from being an early season contender to a late season contender for the first overall pick. Injuries have had a huge impact on the Rockies season, but unfortunately for them, the players getting injured are players who frequent the disabled list for them each season.

29. Houston Astros (44-65) - During July the Astros starting trending downward after the arrivals of Springer and Singleton had them trending in the right direction. It started with them not signing first overall draft pick Brady Aiken, and the continued struggles of last year's first overall pick Mark Appel.

30. Texas Rangers (43-65) - In a season filled with expectations, injuries derailed things for the Texas Rangers. Now they are lead contender for the first overall pick, which should bolster their farm system as they hope to bounce back to their recent norms next season.


Major League Baseball 2014

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