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Making Family Camping Fun

Updated on June 13, 2013

For adults, camping can be a lot of work. You have to clean the trailer then pack it with everything you could possible need for a few days away from home. That's if you are lucky and have a trailer. If you have a tent then packing is even harder because now you have to added burden of making everything fit in the vehicle!

Tips For The Best Possible Camping Experience:

  1. Inspect your accommodations before you leave home. Give the trailer a once over. Does everything work? Toilet? Water? Power? Are the tires inflated? Have you flushed the water lines? A tent is a bit easier. Start by setting it up. Are there any holes? Does the zipper work? Is it big enough for the whole family? Maybe you need to buy a couple of pup tents for the older kids that want some privacy.
  2. Plan ahead. Where are you going and how do you get there? Do you need to reserve a campsite? Will your trailer fit? Do they allow pets or additional tents? What is there to do in the area - hiking, fishing, swimming? Get trail maps and fishing licenses before you leave home if possible. How long will it take to get there?
  3. Make a checklist. Write down everything you will need to pack - from food to clothes, toiletries to games. Make another list for everything you need to do at home and to the vehicle before you can leave. If you write it all down you have a better chance of not forgetting.
  4. Check the weather. What is the forecast for the area you plan to visit? Pack accordingly. Layers are perfect for any situation just remember to pack a variety of long and short sleeved shirts and pants and shorts - don't forget a couple of jackets. Have a back-up plan just in case the weather goes bad (games, puzzles, etc.)
  5. Location is everything. Consider where you set up camp. Stay away from standing water (mosquitoes). Avoid outhouses and garbage disposal areas (smell, foot traffic and possibly scavengers). Make sure your fire-pit is situated a safe distance from your accommodations. Look for a site that is big enough for your family.

Camping is a bit of work but it is worth it. Enjoy your days away from the hustle and bustle of your regular, daily routine. Relax. Leave you work behind.

Your kids will view camping as the ultimate adventure - at least the preteens will. Take advantage of their enthusiasm and join in. If your kids are older try and get them to see nature and the whole outdoor experience as an opportunity to try new things.

Most importantly, enjoy your family and use this precious time to strengthen your family bonds.


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    • stevehp profile image

      Steven 7 years ago from Texas

      And most importantly, don't forget the cold beers:)