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Go Fishing With Your Own Homemade Fish Hook Guard or Make One for an Inexpensive and Unusual Gift!

Updated on March 26, 2014

Using this is a great way to protect yourself and others from a loose fish hook.

Earlier fishing experiences

We went fishing often, hiking in to find a stream where trout just waited for those fat and juicy worms that we packed in with the rest of our equipment ... inexpensive rods and reels, very sharp and very small fish hooks. Sometimes we caught some fish and sometimes we didn't but we always secured the slimy hooks over the metal circle that held the lines. Sometimes the hooks stayed put but more often than not, they came loose when the reel let the line slacken. Invariably the hooks snagged on anything and everything and, often, fingers were pierced when trying to unfasten them. Years later, someone came to our rescue.

A sister's intervention

My sister Marigold (not her real name as she is a very private person) made up some of the pictured hook guards for our family. It was a simple solution for a real problem. As you may be able to tell, she used upholstery vinyl, which she cut into seven inch squares. The vinyl, of course, is backed with some kind of fuzzy white material. Velcro was then sewn around the edge, except for one inch at the middle of the top and bottom. Marigold used a standard home sewing machine but did sew on the the edge Velcro. You can always use an expensive 'end' for this project.

The person fishing keeps it folded in half to prevent other material from attaching itself to the Velcro. When the container is to be used, it is opened and placed around the rod where the hook is fastened. Then the container is closed securely ... no more worm slimed hooks coming to attack. These containers secure good sized hooks too and those baited with Velveeta and other treats. If you need larger/longer ones, just add additional material to the area where it is needed. Please note that the picture above shows the folded container on the left. The open container is on the right. These are also washable which, of course, is very necessary.

Have happy and safe fishing experiences!

  • Whether you cook and eat them or catch and release, I hope that you continue to enjoy fishing. Keep in mind that the fish hook guard can help keep your fingers safe. It seems that the smaller the hook, the more trouble it can cause!
  • Also, keep in mind that these guards make excellent and unusual gifts. They are also inexpensive to mail!


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