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Making those shots that seem impossible work

Updated on July 30, 2010

Making those shots that seem impossible work

Making those shots that seem impossible work

For most golfers, this is a situation that happens more than we would like. You probably understand what I am saying. Those shots that make it impossible to balance or not as easy as those pros make it look. Here are a few ways to make those impossible shots...possible.

When you are faced with a shot that seems impossible, focus on your swing, maintain that vital balance, and make sure that head of yours is in a steady position. After imagine that imaginary line that your club must follow.

Before you set up to take your shot, note where the head of your club must go to insure the longest distance for your ball to travel. Remember that the head of your club stays in contact with the ball for several seconds. After a few of those needed practice swings, you will notice the relationship your feet will have with that imaginary line and you will be able to analyze your stance.

You should make sure that you are not swinging before you hit your ball. Right before you make contact with your ball, note if there can be problems with keeping your balance. If they exist, you need to change your stance until you can find one that is comfortable; one that prevents tension to exist in the swing. No tension in your mind and body is something that you are aiming for in order to swing your club smoothly. If you move a lot before you hit the ball, your focus on the ball will disappear making your prone to a bad shot. Make sure that you are keeping both your feet in a steady position.

Make sure that you have a clear view of your ball at the very start of your swing. Even if you think the shot to be difficult, maintain that focus on your ball. This make certain your hit the ball directly on the head of your club and provide you with an amazing shot.

If your eyes never leave the ball, your swing will come to be almost perfect and the result with your ball will be more than desirable. If your head remains still for the duration of your swing, it will definitely show signs of improvement. So if you have one of thos impossible shots, you will without a doubt be able to nail it.

It is true that horrible weather can decrease the chances of your shot being succesfull. There may be wind that interferes, this is when you must decide to keep your feet closer together. It may seem that you have to hit the ball much harder, however the weather makes it more vital for your to hit the ball properly.

The more impossible the shot may seem, the more your must relax all the muscles in your body to make the shot possible. Note this right here: The shorter the distance to the pin, the closer both your feet must be together.

Impossible shots are what all golfers face and must learn how to overcome. Once you gain the knowledge it takes to nail those shots, you will start to notice that lower score that you always wanted!


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