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Man Versus Ice Hockey

Updated on August 23, 2016

Youth Ice Hockey Season 1

youth ice hockey
youth ice hockey | Source

The DNA Plan Was in The Blood

Historically and statistically speaking, we knew our kids would be somewhere between the height of the parents and the weight of their own diet and exercise routine. What you cannot always tell by historical data is if your children will have the skill or the will to defy the odds on the their journey to be the best that they can be at whatever it is they choose to do.

Listed in this hub is the tentative plan we had for each of our children followed by one individual child plan. I will show how one child defied our plan in his battles against the game of Ice Hockey to continue the passion from within.

15 Steps To Get a Perfect Child (Parent Perspective)

  1. Start with the planning of having children and know that the you are spot on to the minute of conception - list step by step as you know there will be no problems.
  2. After you deliver your child according to the date and time of your choice you schedule the Doctor visits as described in all the "How To Take Care of Your Child" books.
  3. Then you take the kids for their scheduled shots, exactly on time, as described in the toddler shot chart. You go on to tell the Doctor that each child sleeps through the night.
  4. Then watch the children grow, in height and weight, according to the "National Height and Weight by Certain Age" chart. When allergies, asthma, colds and infections hit every kid in school except yours it was because it was not in your plan.
  5. Then watch all the teeth, of each child, come in straight so they do not need multiple phases of braces or extra Dentist trips.
  6. Then sit back in your recliner, each night, as the kids solve their own homework problems and discuss their careers.
  7. Wait for all the honor awards to be handed out to each kid as they all graduate top of their class and win scholarships to the colleges and universities of their choice.
  8. Select through the hundreds of division I, II and III sports scholarship awards you receive for their unbelievable athleticism is every sport.
  9. Travel across the world to the Olympics and watch the children compete for the USA with the Men and Women National Ice Hockey teams.
  10. You watch the children all graduate college at the same time because they wanted to save the parents the expense year after year.
  11. Purchase season tickets to every home game of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers, at a huge discount, because some of the kids will play professional hockey and the others will own the Ice Arena. You only pay at all to help the kids sales figures.
  12. Watch Miss April, from Penthouse magazine, ask your oldest son if she can be his wife.
  13. Watch multiple world champion Mr Iron Man, ask your youngest daughter if he can spend his life with her.
  14. Sit back in awe reflecting on how well you planned out your kids lives.
  15. You snap out of this vision because you know 50 years, in this world, has a way of adjusting the plans of the parents.

15 Steps To Alter Your Parents Plan (Child Perspective)

  1. Eat plenty of food while you are in the tummy - Not too much before Mom and Dad attend a professional Ice Hockey game.
  2. After about eight months, let your Mom know that you are soon planning on arriving the normal way - in the middle of the NHL season. Give mom the idea to look into C-section delivery just in case she needs a good back up plan - and she did.
  3. When you arrive in the world - giggle and laugh every time the word hockey is mentioned.
  4. When you are able, jump up and down in your crib like it was a trampoline as this will keep your legs conditioned.
  5. When it is time for your crib to come down, be sure to show the parents how strong your legs are by climbing up the rails of the crib while Dad disassembles it.
  6. Make sure you try climbing up and down the steps, of your second floor bedroom, using your legs instead of sliding down on your backside.
  7. When you are ready to walk be sure to run around the house and yard as much as possible to keep yourself in good hockey condition.
  8. Every once in ten times that you run around the house, be sure to slightly bang your head (just get a little scrape and nothing serious). This will prepare the parents for the first time you get a cheap shot in ice hockey.
  9. Tell your parents that you want to play roller hockey. This is a cheaper alternative to ice hockey and that will get them to enroll you every season in an organized roller league.
  10. When the timing is right, tell your parents you would like to try ice hockey instead of roller hockey.
  11. In your first season of ice hockey, never complain about waking up very early in the mornings for practice. Be sure to pack your hockey bag the night before so Mom and Dad don't get mad on game day.
  12. As you continue to learn the great sport of ice hockey, practice hard and often so Mom and Dad will keep enrolling you in the league.
  13. Ignore all the coach comments on your height and short stride - Let Mom and Dad know about any negative coach comments until you can handle it yourself.
  14. Remember the words from Mom "play the sport as long as you are having fun" and Dad "You will never be the fastest skater so concentrate on being the smartest player".
  15. Keep yourself in good condition and get a job in the off season. Your parents will realize how serious you are on playing the sport and eventually they will ask you to pay for your own equipment.

High School Championships and Travel Tournaments

high school ice hockey championships - Knights
high school ice hockey championships - Knights
travel ice hockey championships - Raiders
travel ice hockey championships - Raiders | Source
travel ice hockey championships - Wildcats
travel ice hockey championships - Wildcats | Source
college ice hockey championships - DIII
college ice hockey championships - DIII | Source

When Will Beats Skill

He battled a lazy eye that caused him to wear an eye patch for several months, asthma in which he had to take an inhalers and breathing treatments before practices and games and one nasty concussion. Through all this, he never missed a game (even if that meant leaving vacation early to get home in time for a game).

Through all the early morning practices and late night games he has competed at all levels and was ready to play in each game. He has helped his team win champions in high school, came up big in travel hockey tournaments and played in a few college division III championships. Each championship or title game, at each level, he played well and contributed in each game.

He is still not the fastest skater and he will never be taller than six feet but there is no one I know that knows the game of Ice Hockey better than him. He ignored the coaches when they said he was too short and listened to his heart to follow his dream. He makes smart decisions on the ice, can play defense or offense and has gained the respect of all his teammates.

As he is at a cross roads now deciding between professional hockey as a career or putting his degree to use, I have no doubt in my mind that he can play professional ice hockey - if he wants to pursue his dream to play in the NHL.

Ice Hockey - 3 periods, 2 teams, 1 game.

Toronto, Canada (NHL Hall of Fame)

A markerToronto, Canada -
Toronto, ON, Canada
get directions

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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Woo Hoo, Way to go proud dad. I happen to love hockey-watching and playing, (although the playing is all in my head right now, lol). I grew up in Michigan and winters when the streets froze over. When they melted down we went to the pond. In the interim, dad always made sure we had a rink in the back yard. It's a blast to play, but I LOVED your take on how a parent's plan can be usurped by passion and desire. Well done. UP/across and shared.

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 3 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Well Denise you are full of surprises...How awesome is a rink in the back yard? I used to skate on a lake two blocks from my home growing up but I assure you it is nothing like the lakes in Michigan. I tried playing hockey in the kids teenage years but I could not stop nor turn without a catastrophic ending :) Thanks and cheers...hope all is well

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 3 years ago from North Carolina

      All is well with me-I've just turned 60 (Apr 5) and I feel sassy and 'FREE' Couldn't be better! I loved to skate and would often go with dad to his ice fishing shanty and skate on the lake while he fished, warm up in the shanty, and then back out. My dad was awesome-he'd work all night in the backyard stomping snow to make it smooth and watering it down with the hose. We'd have some fierce games and I'd tag along with the neighborhood boys. I ousted most of them because I could turn, stop on a dime and skate backwards-which none of them could do. Nice chatting with you. How's your man cave?

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 3 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Do you know we nearly share a birthday (Apr 3) - happy past and many more to come! Man Cave is good, I will probably be there this evening as the PA temperatures are rising this time of year - It is nice to sit out there and get fresh air while listening to music and watching the neon sign flashing - I do not think I will be skating against you anytime soon :) Cheers...

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