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Are Scott Sinclair & Jack Rodwell the kind of players Manchester City Should be buying?

Updated on October 3, 2012

Slow Start to 2012/13

A slow start to both the European Champions League and the English Premier League will ignite debate at the lack of quality signings for Manchester City this year. Last season may have been a success in the English Premier League and the fans can be happy in ending a long drought for the title, however winning on the final day on goal difference was none to convincing and a early exit in the 11/12 Champions League showed they still needed to improve to achieve their ambitions... but has the squad improved? the transfers they have made have not shown a movement in the right direction for many fans and conceeding an early lead in the title race to Chelsea and bitter rivals Manchester United in the EPL will justify that feeling, the verdict will be out for the reigning champions this season..

What Has Happened To The Purse Strings of Mancini

Sinclair is a talented player and only 23 years of age but none the less it seems a little odd that possibly the richest club in the World, are bringing in such players, when they already have World Class talent in those positions, neither him nor Rodwell have been able to establish themselves on the international stage.

Mancini has reportedly been frustrated by the lack of opportunity to purchase players this summer, with owners suggesting he should focus more on the team that he already has and would probably like to see even more return on their investment. So then perhaps small transfers like this one are the only kind that the Chairmen at City will sanction. He will probably play backup to Samir Nasri, in the event that he gets injured.

The Transfer of Jack Rodwell also raised a few eyebrows, however with the departure of Nigel De Jong, he has the opportunity to mould himself into that position within the squad.

Most fans believe that Jack Rodwell is not quite up to the standards of Manchester City and would be forgiven for wanting to see players better than the ones they already have, opposed to a weakening. This feeling will have been justified, when a sloppy pass from Rodwell vs Reading nearly cost them the 3 points and then against Liverpool he conceded a free kick on the edge of the area, to which Suarez punished him to maximal effect by bending the free kick round the wall and into the bottom right of Harts goal.

An Eye on Upcoming Fair Play Regulations?

Perhaps Man City are preparing early, for the restrictions that FIFA are considering placing upon a clubs overall wage structure and the likes of Sinclair and Rodwell will request relatively less than the World Superstars of Football.

Home-grown talent

Both Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell are English, which will help alleviate any negative press, which commonly surrounds Premier League clubs, that they do not give Home Grown players a chance and that in a league that is called The ENGLISH Premier League, there is remarkably few amounts of Englishmen representing the big clubs.

Squad Depth

Is Mancini getting players which he believe will be aware that they will be used in rotation. Afterall if he did get 2 World class players in, he would be in another battle to harmonize the ego's of the players of the squad and have a juggling act on his hands, to make sure he doesn't insult any world class players by omitting them from the squad.

Is Sinclair Good Enough For Manchester City?

See results

The Move

The Transfer is set to take Scott Sinclair from Swansea to Manchester City, subject to passing a medical. Reports suggest that Swansea may have given into initial pressure from Manchester City for a bid of £6,200,000 for the Olympian. However no final transfer fee has been disclosed. The Transfer is not a complete shock and has been rumored all summer long.


This move tops off a good summer in the eyes of Scott Sinclair, earlier in the summer he got the honor to represent his country in the Olympics with Team GB and now looks set to make a switch to a top European Club and all this for a player who was in the Championship only a couple years ago.

Scott began his days as striker, he was a product of the Chelsea youth system and he showed enough promise to potentially break into the first team but this never transpired, unfortunately for Scott, Chelsea had a wealth of riches at the time and plenty of competition for his position and the ability to bring in any striker in the world that they wanted, let alone a member of their youth team.

Sinclair had to move to Swansea to find first team Football and make his way, he had a great campaign and was key in Swansea's promotion from the Championship to the Premier League, scoring a total of 27 goals, 3 of which in the Playoff finals, a man for the big occasion.

In his first season in the EPL, Sinclair only scored 8 goals but took up a position perhaps further down the pitch in a left winger position opposed to an out and out forward.


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    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      I will not comment:)

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Oh god how did i manage to forget the big CL ha

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      Carling, Fa, EPL, and UEFA CL

      the club world cup is special. Oddly enough, I think if Corinthians play Chelsea on the counterattack they can beat them, they dont have the quick midfielders like atletico and they dont counter fast like atletico. But, Romarinho can catch Chelsea's backline especially without Terry's experience if Chelsea choose to press fast and not hold the ball up in the back and lure Corinthians out of their place.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      EPL, FA, League cup and World Club Cup?

      or whatever their names are?

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      the quad ccahill, the quad is the goal:)

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Ah yeah thats a really good point about squad depth to win the trebble and i guess Yaya will go on duty for the African cup of Nations and they will need the likes of rodwell

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      Sinclair is a good signing, remember, the goal is to win it all, people forget this. MAncini comprehends the truth, the bench isn't big enough to do it.

      Carling, FA, EPL, UEFA CL these 4 tasks require all players to be engaged and produce, plain and simple.

      A lot of teams say their youth products dont come through, especially at big clubs, but when they get opportunities in the carling, fa, they dont show up. they play disinterested like someone has banished them and I think that goes to the media.

      Sinclair is good because coming from chelsea through swansea, he has gotten to experience the nature of clubs and the value of success regardless. that game for swansea he came off the bench and scored, he was so serious when he played. He is a very good pickup for Man City, he will play whenever the opportunity arises.

      He reminds me of Kalou and Walcott, two other players who play whenever the opportunity arises as hard as they can.