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Manchester United In Crisis

Updated on March 24, 2014

How Did It Start

The man above in the picture as you all know is David Moyes, He at the moment is suffering and is having a torrid time in the premier league. At the time of writing Man Utd are 7th in the league and no team has ever won the premier league from that position at this time. Of course when the great Alex Ferguson left the helm we all knew that Utd would not repeat the previous year and win the league, What we had hoped for was at least a top 4 position which would of course will lead to a champions league place. This is looking increasingly unlikely.

So why are Man Utd in the position they are in, If you have watched any of their games this season then it is clear where the problem lies, or more to the point problems!! (Plural) Utd's Midfield is where I shall start and then we shall perhaps move on to their lack of decent hard hitting defenders coming up through the ranks.

There are of course a couple of other factors that have not helped Moyes and Utd's cause and I shall go over those in a second. These are indeed worrying times for any Utd fan and there will be a couple of summer transfer windows before Moyes has his chance to mold a proper team and make Old Trafford a fortress again.

The Midfield

Now since I started writing this article Utd have made one of the best winter transfers for many years and managed to sign Chelsea's Player of the year 2 years running Juan Mata, He is without argument one of the best midfielders in Europe and has a terrific goal and assist record in the premiership, There is one slight issue and that is that his best position happens to be where Wayne Rooney currently plays, so Mata is always shifted out to the left or right and cant influence the games the way he would like to.

Carrick always does a decent job but is getting on a bit and we lack a tough tackling defensive midfielder. Fellaini is not the defensive midfielder we need, I heard that Utd were interested In William Carvahlo and that is an avenue they should definitely pursue as he is in the Yaya Toure mold.

So we have young Adnan Januzai and Juan Mata, and in me respects Rooney, Three good midfielders but they need to be played in the right position, Mata has to play behind the striker, no question, Januzai can play either side and Rooney can too. Put in a decent tough tackling defensive mid and that is a good mid four. What we also could do with is another world class striker, Rooney has dropped back, Van Persie is over 30 and neither Hernandez or welbeck can provide the 20 plus goals we need, So we need a cavani, Falcao, Costa or someone of that ilk.

If all the above can be sorted out and believe me I realise that this is no easy task then all that leaves us with is our soon to be makeshift defence.

United's Defence

If we skip back a couple of years you will see we had Vidic and Ferdinand in the centre with Evra on the left and what was looking like a good set up on the right with either the young Phil Jones or Chris Smalling, It looked awesome and we did a fantastic job at keeping out opposition strikers.

Since then however Vidic has been plagued with injuries and is nowhere near as quick as he used to be, The same too goes for Ferdinand who with the advancement of age is not quick enough for a centre back role. Evra is not declining as quickly as those two but he is losing that yard of pace and with his role of getting up the wings to cross in balls, if the opposition get the ball then he simply cant get back quick enough.

Chris Smalling has not improved much in the last two years and is not looking like a Man Utd defender. Phil Jones although a good player Is being moved from pillar to post and never played in the same position for more than one game, This is probably down to his versatility but he needs to be assigned a role. Our defence is looking increasingly worrying with every game.

Ferguson's To Blame

Ok so the title above might not exactly be the complete truth but you have to lay some of the blame for Man Utd's failings at his door. Last season he managed to get the team to win dirty and win the small games and that is how Ferguson won the title, Everybody else was playing average to be fair and he managed to get a not very good Man Utd team above everyone else with some scrappy 1-0 wins and come from behind wins.

So why is he to blame, Well there were 2 transfer windows last season and we all know that Ferguson had a good idea that that season was going to be his last, so if that is correct he also knew that Moyes was going to be coming in to take over and I think rather than buy a couple of fringe players he should of been trying to nail down a world class midfielder.

Yes he brought Wilfried Zaha who if Moyes gave half a chance to will become a great winger one day with the potential to be better than any of our current crop of wingers, However Moyes just doesn't fancy him for some reason. But Ferguson has known for years that our midfield has lacked the quality that others have, His biggest mistake was not rectifying it.

Give Moyes Time

At the time of writing this Man Utd have just suffered a somewhat embarrassing defeat at Old Trafford to arch rivals Liverpool, Although we have suffered defeats like this before, the embarrassing fact was the score could of been 5 or 6 instead of the 3 we conceded, And once old Trafford was a place where Man Utd were certain to score.

People, mainly the press and a certain selection of other football fans are calling for Moyes to be outed but we are not Chelsea or Man City we are Utd and Moyes has been given a 6 year contract, Whether he will last that long does remain to be seen but I certainly think he should be given the summer transfer window and also another full season at the helm.

Only after next season can we properly judge David Moyes. I believe wit at least 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and one more striker we may be able to turn next season around, I still feel it will be a few years before we win the title. Good luck David You are going to need it.

David Moyes

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