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Manchester United Realistic Transfer Targets 2013

Updated on July 25, 2013

If you are like any Manchester United fan who was conscious of the supposedly imminent arrival of Thiago Alcantara and his undoubted talent, you will be gutted to find out that he has agreed to join Bayern Munich, subject to a medical. For weeks, his transfer to Manchester seemed a certainty, much like the arrivals of Sneijder, Hazard and Lucas Moura (amongst other high profile players) in previous years. Not only is it disappointing news, it may even be considered as frightening.

United's midfield is lacking and unless any new talent is brought in, they will be relying on the likes of Carrick, Cleverley, Anderson and possibly Jones for creativity. All are great players, but none seem to have that spark of genius that proves to be decisive, that changes the tide of the game, that simply makes them stand out. Kagawa is such a player, but his role is much more offensive, and he does not perform up to the highest standard when not in his preferred position. Here are a few rumoured transfer targets that could indeed change Manchester United's midfield in a most surprising way.

Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas is a world class player and he would make a fine addition to any team. He did a fine job at Arsenal, which resulted in Barcelona going to extreme measures to bring him back to his academy club. A decisive player for both club and country, he would be a great signing.

Reasons for him to come

Manchester United are understood to have made a first £26 million bid for him and an eventual second £30 million bid which shows that there is a true possibility that this transfer may go through. Moreover, Moyes has said that United are preparing a third bid for him, and reported final, that may succeed in luring Fabregas back to the UK. Unlike for Thiago, it seems like a formal offer has been made. United have been linked with Fabregas for quite some time now, and may well indeed succeed in sealing the deal.

On the other hand...

Fabregas has expressed his desire to stay at Barcelona a few weeks ago, saying that playing for Barcelona has been a life long dream. On top of that, Arsenal are rumoured to have any say in any transfer involving Fabregas, and the club wouldn't want a repeat of the Van Persie saga... Besides, £26 million is quite a low bid for a player of Fabregas' quality who is getting regular playing time at Barecelona, after all.

Kevin Strootman

A rising star, Strootman is a box-to-box type player, as useful attacking as he is defending. Only 23 years old, Strootman had scored many goals for club and country this season and is famously known as the "Dutch Roy Keane".

Reasons for him to come

The comparisons to Roy Keane are sure to trigger rumours on his future, but it is well known that Strootman has been watched over by United since last season. The reports are ever increasing and PSV have bought Adam Maher in anticipation of Strootman's departure.

On the other hand...

If anyone is to sign Strooman, it seems that it may be Roma. They appear to be the closest to getting the Dutch playmaker, and United are yet to make a formal offer for him. It appears that he has not yet decided on his future.

Christian Eriksen

The 21 year old Danish playmaker is a key player for Ajax, and an established talent in Europe. Possessing great technique and vision, he is capable of beating any player and scoring goals at will. Ajax have given him the green light for a move.

Reasons for him to come

It has been reported that Manchester City wanted to sign Eriksen a few years ago but he refused, hoping for a move to his dream club, Manchester United. He has now been linked with United, and seems to be the perfect player to complete their midfield.

On the other hand...

Liverpool have been rumoured to be favourites in acquiring Eriksen, apparently wanting to sign him since Christmas. Again, United have not yet shown solid interest in him, but after missing out on Thiago, who knows what will happen?

Marouane Fellaini

A proven player in the Premier League, Fellaini is a mighty presence in Everton. He is well capable of scoring and is the backbone of Everton's offense. He is responsible for 11 of Everton's goals this season in the Premier League, as well as being the author of 5 assists.

Reasons for him to come

Moyes is very familiar with the Belgian midfielder, and knows what he could bring to the team. United have been linked with Fellaini for quite some time, and following Thiago's choice to go to Bayern Munich, Moyes may well be inclined to bring in a creative midfielder as fast as possible. What's more is that Fellaini is rumoured to have a release clause of £22 million until July 31, meaning that he is very affordable.

On the other hand

Even though they have not yet succeeded, Arsenal were the closest to acquiring the Belgian's signature. Once again, United have not made a formal offer for the player, and Everton seem adamant to keep him at Merseyside.

A final option is Yohan Cabaye. It is said that if Moyes fails in bringing Fabregas to Old Trafford, he could turn to the French midfielder. Cabaye is without doubt a good player, and any team could profit from his presence. However, buying Cabaye after failing to land Fabregas seems like a bit of a failure, and takes away all the build up. He would be a good signing, but not the marquee signing that Moyes is rumoured to want. Besides, there has been no offer for the Newcastle player.

Of course, there remain the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and Luka Modric, and even though every United fan would dream of a reunion with CR7, these names seem a bit far-fetched for the moment. It is hard to believe that Real or Tottenham would sell such players and until further news comes to light, these targets do not seem realistic.

But what do you think? Who do you want to sign for Manchester United?

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