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Manchester United and the Season of Change.

Updated on July 8, 2013

"We must have been foolishly tricked by our own love for the game."

Who would have asked for Paul Scholes to go off, Gary Neville to join the coaching ranks and Edwin van der Sar to reflect on a rock solid career?

I guess, this time around, God was adamant to heed the secondary list of prayers first which we had never made an inquiry about.

It is a season of change.

You don't often see players like these coming out of the youth academy system.

You don't manufacture talent. The best you can do is produce quality work to sustain life, a football club and keep the fans happy.

It is a big summer of change. United fans are keeping a close eye on what is happening in the transfer market. There are number of world-class players already being linked with the club.

There are number of positions to be filled. With Sir Alex hand-picking the probable list of players, we do not have much to think about. We just need to sit back and follow the proceedings. This is the good thing about Manchester United.

You do not find 15 new members in a team of eleven players.

We all know that at this club, there is nothing called as short-term replacements. It brings us back to the point that the midfield position would be perfectly filled by the new player.

Please, do not cast doubts over my loyalty and respect that i hold for ever-influential Paul Scholes. I was just talking about filling the midfield position and not replacing Paul Scholes.

The question was never there.

The transfer market is about to throw a surprise at us. I was thinking when was the last time i found (an expected/unexpected change) as a pleasant one.

I cannot help but talk about it again. In my opinion, Paul Scholes leads one of the most technically 'sought-after' group of players in the world.

His techniques on the field puts us into a tricky position that if the game of football was comprehensibly beaten and at the same time the standard of playing level was taken to the heavenly heights.

I wonder if nature could ever repeat its act of brilliance.

History books claim that there were number of great players before and many more to come in the future.

It was never about being the greatest.

Was it?

The best thing about Paul Scholes is that he had never made it look more than a normal guy working his best to make his way to the top. He made it look ‘like us’ and human. This is the legacy he has gifted to all of us.

It was never, and never means absolutely with no further imaginary stretch of possibilities left, about being a gifted guy.

In my personal opinion (when we talk about how gifted he or she is), it takes away the dedication and hard work that one has put into the game.

With Paul Scholes, an impeccable sense of being human comes first.

We have often seen it that when the so-called present crop of ‘unstoppable’ players make a foul, they do it so artistically or dive theatrically that officials are left with no other option but to give the decision in their favor. However Paul Scholes in not like them.

This single point separates the two. He never brings his mastery to do the wrong. He never brings his mastery while making a bad challenge or misjudging the timing of tackle made.

Sir Alex Ferguson knows that one of his favorite sons would not be available during those crucial moments when all you need is a divine or healing touch to score out of the dust.

Manchester United has a mammoth task in front of them. It is like a rebuilding stage where the manager has not only to bring in new players but tell the present set of players that next Paul Scholes is in the making.


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