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Manny Pacquiao Preaches 2

Updated on July 24, 2012


this is a continuation of Manny Pacquia preaches. Apparently due to tight schedules in school, it has been more or less 2 weeks since i published. hopefully, i would have written the whole story of me hearing how Pacman preach.

...........“Manny, why did you go far from me”, the words struck deep into Manny’s heart. It opened emotions locked up. It put him to see his current situation. The happenings in his life was given meaning by the voice. It was the largest he’d ever heard. Its range was beyond measure. The level of its echo was in a gigantic level. The scene made him appear an ant or even smaller. He was so little on the one in front of him. He’d let his conscience bear hold of him that his weeping were more sorrowful. Tears were continue flowing from his eyes. It released him free of sadness stored upon his soul. It was sort of cleansing him anew. His heart were being squeeze. It consisted his agony deeply and the anguish of it was clear. Like a spear, it plunge him through. It hit him entirely of who he was.

Manny can’t look enough at the ceiling. The silence dwell the room along as he stares. Relentless ponder with seconds just passed cling in him. He was awake now. He took hold of his situation as he sat on his bed. He noticed his face was wet. Water covered the whole of his face. He felt his face unlike the moment he shut his eyes. Something was different. His pillow agrees of it. The cloth nearby testifies an event. It was easy to notice that something took away its dryness. It isn’t easy to sleep well with it on the back of your head. It’s disturbing enough to be awake due to it. It wasn’t a surprise as Manny opened up his eyes with such presence. He wondered for a moment. There was no leak in the ceiling. It haven’t rain. “There were no source of water nearby” he said. It only lead to one thing. The evidences point out his theory. An idea easily proven was transparent. In his dream, he was crying. It couldn’t have been only in his slumber. Two sides were covered apparently. “Could it be that he was also crying for real?”, this was the question that posted in his mind. It was morning then. The clock had already passed 12. It was another day. Sunrise will soon appear and it was Sunday. In the morning, his mind was still on what happened last night. He couldn’t give much attention to his surrounding by the moment. He was present physically but a part of him isn’t. His thoughts were flying. He was attended by companions which didn’t made him forget. He was troubled. The night was so memorable that he was caught to have it more than ordinary. He applied the dream to action. It appears so to have a message to be implied. That day, he went to Church. It was anew to see himself in the place. It was also a fresh sight for church goers there. He has bypass going to church for many excuses. After a long time, he was finally inside. The corners set the parameters of the mass. He was in awe to have him there. Being born a catholic, he has grown to the ways prescribed by it. His mother bears its practices by which he had adopted also. He grew up carrying the teaching of her mother making him have the good habit of being prayerful. After the mass, Manny was relieved. He had done a right thing today. It kinda fattens the heart. Getting back to the church was a noble thing.

All seems to be going fine now but a certain idea of him being from the province points through. It enabled him to have second thoughts. As a guy of the province, they have their ideas in regards to dreams. He didn’t mention his origin but its odd in a normal person’s point of view. He had grown to the thought accustomed by his culture. The belief states that in reality, your dreams mean the opposite so if it’s positive in your slumber, it’s opposite to reality. What you encounter when you close your eyes is different when you’re awake as it implies. With the idea thorough, time got a hold of the experience. He had considered it unreal as the seasons passed by. It began to fade in his thoughts. Many months after it, Manny was given a bible. He had no idea that it would be a valuable part of his life in the coming days. It was an NIV. It was like the rest in form but unlike any he would have taken deeply. He was thankful yet he was not reading it fully by that time. He stated that it was a day after his regular training that a strong urge was telling him to read it. He felt drawn to it. Something was bringing him near it not by distance but by word. It is the word of God that he should be accustomed with its contents. Inside, the Holy Spirit calls for him to open it. His attention was set eventually. His purpose by the moment was to see it. To spend time with it was his goal to be fulfilled. At his first reading, he couldn’t understand anything. Sure he was getting familiar with it but he has the odd feeling to what is in front. He was having a hard time seeing the whole picture. There was no person to explain to him. Yet, even though this was the case, he didn’t give up. He endured the hours scanning the pages by word with little sense. He was persistent to carry on. The urge was still there and the desire to know the Lord was slowly growing in. it continued to spent much of his time. In the latter, it has become his good habit. Suddenly, he was filled with joy. A happy Pacman was transparent in his face. Gladness covered him whole. It has been no more with just reading but now with decent learning. He could understand everything.

(to be added)


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