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Manny Pacquiao Preaches 3

Updated on July 25, 2012

It took him at least four days to see through things correctly. To be able to read between the lines was an act he now implies smoothly. The first three days of his reading didn’t fit through. It was the times when looking and reading bares much similarity with not much to learn. Although it was the case, he still continued. The point finally came when he can relate to what the Bible was saying. I was all awake with every word he said and more than half an hour had passed. Just like everyone of us, I was amazed of the scene. Pacquiao was blessed indeed. He mentioned a character in the bible that was famous for his dreams. I know full well who that is although Manny didn’t said the name. it was hard to forget the dreamer whom I had familiarized with since my childhood. It was Joseph the dreamer, one of the sons of Jacob in genesis. It was that portion that made him recall that faithful dream. The chapter made a huge impact on him. As he continue mesmerising the word, he began to understand the details of the things he had gone through. I myself see it as a wonder the experience he had. It was soon that his testimony has ended.

Moving on to his preaching, he prepared a power point presentation. It made the sermon more transparent and easier to take into account. It wasn’t the first time I got to hear one with it but it sure has been a while. i was there when he embrace the multimedia to convey his message. The display was clear that even to the farthest point of the room, it can be seen. He already prepared it recently before we sang praises. He titled it “Pacman bible study”. On the television months earlier then, I have seen how Manny would acknowledge bible verses in simple phrases. He would take to account that even in little ways, he got to share God’s word. The camera was a good gadget to be astouned it for. It showed how he has been changed by the lord and the answer to how became clear to me on that day.

Now, I brace myself to hear Manny speak. On his opening, he stated a question, “why do we study the bible?” The inquiry was easy for me to answer but I assumed much waiting for Pacquiao’s meaning. I myself study the bible often. I have a weekly schedule concerning it. On my first two years in college, I would open its pages but before I read any word, I would pause and pray for guidance as well as for any revelation God would reveal on me. It has been a habit for me since then and God blessed me for it. I’d gain much with understanding, knowledge and character. As I listen, Manny stated the bible as a manual. It is our guide here on earth. It make’s one path straight. To further illustrate, he cited an example. He stated a moment of him to make things clearer. Back on the early days, he bought a phone and it wasn’t hi-tech one. It was just ordinary. It wasn’t a touch-screen type as it wasn’t introduced those times nor is it a limited type of a kind. In order to use the gadget to its finest, he has to be familiar with the things it had to offer. He wanted to use it right so he needs to learn the basics. An efficient way of dealing with it is satisfactory in his part so in able to achieve these, he has to read its manual. He had to be aware of the functions it possess. By this, he made transparent more how the bible makes part in one’s life.

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