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How Manny Pacquiao Prepares For His Rematch Against Timothy Bradley

Updated on April 9, 2014

Pacquiao vs. Bradley: A Fight For the Glory

Manny Pacquiao Has Solved Tonight’s Biggest Problem
Manny Pacquiao Has Solved Tonight’s Biggest Problem | Source

Pacquiao vs. Bradley

After suffering a dreadful period in his boxing career last 2012, the Fighting Pride of the Philippines Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is convinced that he will beat Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley on their rematch on Saturday, April 12. He admitted that he wants to seize his World Boxing Organization’s (WBO) Welterweight title following his defeat in their first fight last 2012. As such, even several months before their second clash at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pacquiao has already devoted his time and energy in a rigorous training.

It can be recalled that Pacquiao endured a two consecutive losses in 2012, first by Bradley last June and second by Juan Manuel Marquez in December of the same year. However, these didn’t thwart him from getting inside the ring as he finished Brandon Rios last November 2013. And this time, Manny would like to reaffirm his status in the world of boxing as the ultimate pound-for-pound king.

2014 Rematch: Pacquiao vs. Bradley

Pacman and Bradley Match.
Pacman and Bradley Match. | Source

Pacquiao will knock Bradley on their fight

According to Hall of Fame coach Freddie Roach, Pacquiao is going to knock Bradley on their fight. He said that the eight-time world champion is really dedicated in his training at the famous Wild Card gym in Hollywood, California. As a matter of fact, Pacquiao has been spending a huge chunk of his time in sparring with former world champions such as Steve Forbes, Julian Rodriguez, and Lyle Rodes.

Aside from spending six rounds of sparring, Pacquiao (55-5-38 Kos) also engages in uphill climbing every morning. In fact, he is able to climb over with full speed and agility in just 45 minutes. Moreover, Pacquiao is also watchful in what he eats so as to maintain his weight, which is currently in good state.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2: Look Back at Pacquiao-Bradley

Pacquiao is now more powerful

In addition, the 55-year old trainer also warned Bradley not to underestimate Pacquiao now. He claimed that he will be seeing a different Pacquiao, stronger and invincible as compared to the Pacquiao he had allegedly defeated in 2012.

On the other hand, Justin Fortune, Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, said that they should not undermine Bradley’s ability. He maintains that California-raised Bradley has the undying spirit of fighting unto the end. However, Fortune said that Pacquiao is faster and more powerful compared to Bradley. This was what he saw in the latter’s latest fight against Ruslan Provodnikov.

An exciting match this 2014

Pacman and Bradley will fight for the Welterweight title.
Pacman and Bradley will fight for the Welterweight title. | Source

What do you expect during the Pacquiao vs. Bradley match?


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