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Manny Pacquiao, The Boxing Legend

Updated on December 26, 2016
All photo credits to Eric Molina aka permanently scatterbrained (Flickr Creative Commons image - Attribution required)
All photo credits to Eric Molina aka permanently scatterbrained (Flickr Creative Commons image - Attribution required) | Source

Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, or Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao in real life, the most decorated boxing legend in the Philippines is truly a one-of-a-kind icon and character. His interests and skills span different, in even unrelated fields.

A Renaissance man, or a Homo Universalis, is a term used to describe a man who excels in a wide variety of fields. This idea developed during a great period in history in renaissance Italy. The tenet is fully embodied in the notion that "a man can do all things if he will." It presupposes that human beings are empowered individuals and have the capacity to develop their potentials to the fullest, and Manny Pacquiao is just that, a real modern Renaissance man.

Behind the fighter, the accolades and the championship titles, is a man who is fueled by a determination and the heart, and he continues to amaze people across the world, boxing aficionado or not. Manny Pacquiao is a true fighter and champion not only inside the ring but more so in the adversities of life and poverty, and he comes out triumphant .

His life is an exemplary drama and living testament of human fervor, the power of determination, commitment, perseverance, and heart in charting one’s path to success. Manny Pacquiao’s character and persistence could even move mountains and he did just that and came out to conquer the boxing world.

Manny Pacquiao, the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world, world champion with seven titles in 8 different divisions, celebrity, recording artist, businessman, now a lawmaker in his country, is not question a legend in his own right. He is cited by former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo in one of her State of the Nation address, as a national hero. For many, Manny Pacquiao transcends even beyond all the titles, he is simply a living icon.

Manny, The Congressman

Manny Pacquiao won a seat in to the Philippine House of Representatives during the May 2010 national elections, the lone district in Sarangani province, and making him the first boxer to become a lawmaker in boxing history and in the Philippines. Winning a seat in the House of Representatives has proved to be one of his greatest challenges outside the ring as he previously failed in his first attempt during the 2007 national elections.

Manny has shown admirable multi-tasking skills when he started preparing for the Margarito bout this November. Manny would be up early so he make rounds in the Congressional grounds or train and later in the day get busy with his job as lawmaker. Even Arum was quoted as saying that Manny Pacquiao could multi-task like nobody else he’s seen.

All photo credits to Bryce Edwards (Flicker Creative Commons image - Attribution required)
All photo credits to Bryce Edwards (Flicker Creative Commons image - Attribution required) | Source

Manny, The Businessman

Manny Pacquiao has established himself and shown business acumen when he dipped his hands in countless business endeavors. Aside from his top endorsement deals with the country’s giant conglomerates e.g. San Miguel, PLDT, and with several big multinational companies as Mc Donalds, Nike, among others, Manny gets busy building the foundations of his own business empire.

He now owns a rooster farm, several commercial buildings and prime real estate, a mall, his basketball team playing in the Philippines’ top league, and his own boxing promotions company. 

He also has several business ventures together with his wife Jinkee in General Santos City such as a gas station, coffeeshop, boutique, a beauty clinic, sports gym, and water refilling station among others. Just recently, Manny Pacquiao opened his own novelty shop, the “Team Pacquiao” shop in two of the biggest malls in Metro Manila (Ermita and Ortigas Center) and another in a major mall in General Santos City . The shop carries branded Team Pacquiao shirts such as NIke T-shirts, boxing gloves, jackets, shorts, shoes, and other accessories like a P30,000-worth Victorinox watches, all with a Pacquiao personalized touch. Before the Pacquiao-Clottey fight, reports about tourists and Manny fans raiding the novelty shops were no longer surprising and expected now that Manny is gearing for another match, this time with Mexico’s Antonio Margarito.

With all these investments, Manny is not only making his pockets deeper but also contributes to increasing employment opportunities, a much needed boost to his constituents and fellowmen in his native province of GenSan as well as in the Metro where some of his business are located. There are even speculations that Manny plans to develop an economic zone or business park in GenSan. If this will push through, many more will benefit from Manny Pacquiao’s generosity through job generation.

All photo credits to chrishimself (Flicker Creative Commons image - Attribution Required)
All photo credits to chrishimself (Flicker Creative Commons image - Attribution Required) | Source

Recording Artist

Aside from training for his fight, Manny Pacquiao also sets time to rehearse with his band mates as there will be a post-fight concert scheduled. He had previously released a couple of singles which became hits.

Manny the Writer

Manny now regularly contributes through his own column at and Abante to spread his thoughts and information in boxing as well as to communicate to his fans

Manny Pacquiao Remains an Icon

Fame and fortune has brought him all of life’s luxuries and everything his family could dreamed of and even more, but despite all the trappings, Manny Pacquiao remains humble and true to his character. This will bring him more success in future endeavors. Manny Pacquiao is just beginning his political path and he can still do a lot for his country even when he finally hangs his boxing gloves. He may one day step put of the limelight but his legendary feats and persona will continue to be forever etched in Philippine history.

Manny Pacquiao is living proof of how one can achieve anything, of how anything is possible. He masterfully crafted his God-given talents and utilized them to the fullest, a true Universal man . With all he has accomplished, there is no doubt about it, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, is a modern renaissance man.

Team Pacquiao novelty shop

This Youtube video uploaded by TheABSCBNnews and all rights belong to them.

Manny singing a nice song (with translation)


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