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manny pacquiao vs miguel cotto

Updated on July 25, 2012

Pacquiao Vs Cotto Nov 14th 2009

With the Super fight between Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto looming on the horizon. I look into the fight and give you my humble opinion.

Lets look at Manny. This (as one British commentator put it) whirling dervish of a boxer, IMO Is just getting better and better. He's always been quick, but he's now looking big and strong to go with it. There is no sign that bulking up has slowed him down either. Against Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton he looked as fast has ever!

So, He's bigger, stronger, and as fast as ever. If thats not already bad news for Miguel Cotto, theres more. Because under the guidence of Freddy Roach, Manny has grown into the total package. And Boxings P4P Number 1.

In his last fight against Manchester's Ricky Hatton. He just showed how awesome he is. He made Hatton look like a fool who shouldn't of been there. But Ricky Hatton is no fool. I think Freddie Roache's comments recently on HBO's Pacquiao Cotto 24/7 that "Ricky's no good" was unfair. Ricky was a great champion, but Manny is a different animal! His speed and pin point timing he's picked up under Roach destroyed Hatton.

Then there's Cotto. Cotto is one of this writers favorite fighters. I followed his career since his first fight. His compact style and the way he 'stalks his pray.' The confidence of a fighter who knows its just a matter of time before his opponent goes to sleep! I was instantly a fan. Then Cotto got wobbled a few times. Against DeMarcus Corleyhe was rocked, and held on for dear life. Against Ricardo Torres again he was out on his feet. (Trying to make Light welterweight was blamed for his punch resistance) To his credit though he came back to stop them both. But the question mark about his chin was there to stay.

Since stepping up in weight to welterweight Cotto's chin has held up. Even the controversial beating he took against Antonio Margarito was just a accumulative affect of 237 power punches (According to CompuBox) thatfinished Cotto off.And we all no about 'Wrap Gate' If Margarito was using illegal wraps that night, then props the Cotto for lasting so long!

Having said that, I cant help thinking The beating he took that night has had some adverse affect on him physically or mentally. Many fighters are never the same after taking a beating like that.


I like both fighters and think this will be a great fight while it lasts. I think the extra weight Cotto has to lose (Fight is at catchweight 144lbs) and the beating he took against Margarito finds It hard for this writer to pick him. I think If the fight do go the distance, Manny wins anyway with his quick hands, footwork and timing. But If Cotto struggles to make weight or the Margarito fight did take anything out of him then I think Manny stops Cotto.

Fishkies Tip: Manny Pacquao tko


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    • Fishkie profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Wales

      Hi Alex, thanx for the feedback. Yes I must admit, watching the 24/7 series Im liking cotto and his preparation.

      The camp will have to come up with the perfect game plan to counter Mannys speed tho, if so who knows?? Thats the thing about big fight nite, u just never know. :)

      ps, I like mosley over pac too, Id like to see Cotto Vs Mosley 2.

    • Alex Miles profile image

      Alex Miles 

      9 years ago from London

      Its interesting that most people (myself included) agree with you on the outcome here, as there are only a few who would pick Manny to beat some of Cotto's previous victims (Mosley/Judah). To be honest, I think it would be better for boxing if Cotto won this one in the end. It would force Mayweather to look elsewhere for a big money fight, and maybe we could finally see him facing up against a top welterweight.


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