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Mao Asada's comeback

Updated on May 26, 2015

Mao Asada in 2008

Mao Asada wants to come back to arena.

Three-time world champion Mao Asada recently announced her intent to come back to competition.

That's great for the sport, but not a very good decision for her person, I think. I'd rather watch Asada beat down all Russian frauds, but is it plausible?

No, I think not. Currently the ISU and its judges are all in for covering up their corruption featured with arbitrary judging started during the 2013 through 2014 season.

The ISU won't change its course, and the judges are all in for their politics.

Mao Asada deserves, if she skates in her full capacity, 8.0 to 8.5 in PCS average. However, remember the ISU judges give Liza, whose skating only justifies 6.5 to 6.75 in PCS, 8 to even 9.0, which is outright fraud.

Asada's return can be a fresh hope to the restoration of ladies figure skating, but in her personal level, it may be a great let-down.

If Asada aims at another gold in Worlds or Olympics, she'd better not hope too high. The current figure skating is not the sport that once was. It is international politics that only works.

If Asada skates in her full capacity and judging is correctly done, she will win any competition. But that won't happen under the current ISU. The ISU and its judges passed the point of no return.

Mao Asada in 2013

Personally I wish Asada win the games and even go to the 2018 Olympics and win the title.

But I don't think that will happen. Not that I doubt her ability, the ISU and its judges are sport criminals who show no sign of remorse since Sochi. They are all in pushing up their institutional lies to the point of legitimatizing fraud and establishing arbitrary judging as a rule.

However, aside from Asada's success, I wish one thing from Asada: I want her to grow to be an all-rounded skater. Currently the figure skating is all but dead. I do not see Asada's quest will be successful , especially under the present conditions that endlessly create garbage after garbage.

Mao Asada in 2014

According to the news, Asada expressed that she felt a void in her life without the thrill of competition. But if she keeps experiencing unfair defeats, won't it put her down, and press her more than she can bear.

Returning to competitive arenas won't be easy. Asada's last third world title before the hiatus was at the 2014 World Championships in Saitama, Japan, with a world-record score in the short program.

Asada may aim to repeat her glory but many fans, including me, want to see true figure skating different from what the ISU sells through its despicable lie. I think Asada can do something appreciable to that expectation.

Who knows she may even beat all the bullshits the ISU dishes out?

Currently Asada hasn't yet considered a serious possibility of competing for the 2018 Olympics according to the media, but it is interesting to see how Asada comes back to the arena.

My one advice for Asada is: "Forget about triple axel. Let Liza do all triple axels she wants all I care."

I want to see Asada again bloom without triple axel. If the judging is correct, and Asada brings her usual game, there is no way for Asada, even without triple axel, to lose any of the current Russian pool including Liza. Asada is much greater a skater than anyone out there. I am very positive of Asada's comeback.

At least, Asada's comeback will be a treat to people who are sick and tired of Russian fraud hurled by the ISU and the judges these days.

What do you think about Mao Asada's comeback?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Besides your PCS comment, Mao's should be in the 9-10 range, this is a very perceptive article. I agree with the inflation of many of the Russian skaters,. However, you left out the inflation of the top American skaters, especially Gracie Gold and then Ashley Wagner. Gracie Gold has a lip call overlooked in her SP and inflated PCS to get 2 points higher than Mao's SP at Cup of China with Annette Poetsche the 1980 Olympic Gold medal winner as a technical specialist for Gracie's SP, Annette won a very controversial victory over Linda Fratianne, who Frank Carroll coached, and he expressed outrage over it for a long time. Of course, Frank Carroll is Gracie's coach. Gracie was also inflated in Sochi, receiving a 5 point boost in PCS from the SP to the LP and now her PCS score has been inflated to be just about the same as Mao's. In terms of what the people think, Gracie's top 3 video for her SP 6 days after she skated had about 14,000, 12,000 and 11,000 views (totalling around 37,000), while Mao's top 3 videos for her SP 6 days after she skated had about 350,000, 80,000 and 56,000 (totalling around 486,000), but Mao had many more videos totalling over 100,000 views. Furthermore, Mao received a a cheering standing ovation from most people at the China Open, but nobody I saw stood up for Gracie Gold's performance and there was not much applause. I agree that the ISU has become a fraud and that comments on youtube are more likely to help people find the right result that backroom deals made because of political connections.

      As far as the excessively rude and aggressively hostile posters whose only goal is to attack Mao Asada are concerned, learn some manners and common decency. It's obvious that you have an ulterior motive for your attacks and that you are upset that so many admire and love her skating. Mao's Sochi LP is regarded as one of the greatest performances by a female in history. The fact that it received 5th place PCS and 6th place GOE shows how absurd and insulting your assertion is that she is overscored. Mao's Nocturne SP at Worlds 2014 is also considered to be one of the greatest SPs and it only received a distant 2nd place GOE and 3rd place PCS.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Wow, no news here for one and half month!

      I miss your articles very much..

      How about reviewing each of Olympic Games?

      or The Best Skaters: 2000s?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Jesse, it's pretty much a known fact that although ISU's corruption was in full force since almost 2 years ago with Yulia winning Gold prior to Sochi and the obvious Sochi scandal, its fraudulent activities were subliminally engaged in from several years ago. We all should not forget that Yuna lost her Gold in 2008 WC, and also she would have won Gold in 2011 WC had she been from a figure skating powerhouse nation. So it was not since the Sochi that ISU had no remorse with their greed. Do you truly think Mao's 2014 SP deserved such WR that had beaten Yuna? She didn't have a 3/3, nor speed at all. She did a clean program and BAM, she gets an easy WR simply because she was in I$U Japan.

      So I can't agree with you on the part that ISU had no remorse starting in Sochi. It was happening several years back, but its schemes were conspicuously revealing last year.

      One more thing, Mao has said she won't be competing at PC 2018. She's being wise on the decision knowing that there are many other young skaters who're now surpassing her in skills. She most likely will either make some mistakes or just not be in the top shape at all. I don't think anyone could take a long break and come back with a BAM! like how Yuna once has done.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      rz7 aka Robz the bakasan.

      FYI you're either denying or don't want to know that

      I$U is funded by the majority Japan. co.

      BTW, Mao's PCS could never be CORRECTLY rated in the 9.0;

      8.5 is the best she'd possibly get. And I'm being VERY generous.

    • profile image


      3 years ago


      ISU is run by speed-skaters.

      Guess which country 90% are from?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      jess! you need talk to straight. mao is the one of backbone of this all mess. remember who was "trying' is better idea of fininished product? Who was the one stole countless medal not just yuna even from own japanease skater?. who was the skater initiated rule bending jokes before sochi. who was real homecooking queen after failed 18 times in row 3a and suddenly WR in goe in 3a AT home?i can continue this forever! i appreciated your knnowlege infs general. but trust me FS is not rocket science it is common sense. and trust me whoever feed isu is overrated. peoriod!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I thought you said Mao's PCS was 9.0?


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