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Martial Arts and the Bible - P4 - The First True Martial Artist

Updated on December 7, 2012

Abraham, the true and Godly Martial Artist

It is our position that Abram/Abraham was the first "true" matial artist named in the Bible.

It should be noted that a lot happened in the Bible between Tubal-cain and Abraham. In time, there is a spread of some 1200 -1400 years during which no one of note was associated with the martial arts. There were a lot of societies that began and ended. And there were many conflicts, wars. This period is covered, theoretically, by secular history. But of important people, none are named in the Bible with relation to fighting.

We do have the "mighty men" of Genesis 6:4, but, again, none are named. It would seem God may not have been pleased with them, considering the surrounding content verses.

And then there was the Flood. Mankind got a new start.

Some may want to included a fellow named Nimrod, Genesis 10:8, as a martial artist. This may or may not be true. But we do take a position that he was not a true martial artst.

A true martial artist uses the arts for the purposes that God intended, personal self-defense and family protection as well as caring for those in similar need. Nimrod did not. He was a "mighty hunter," Genesis 10:9. But Nimrod "began to be," "chalal," the Hebrew for self centered and overbearing, maybe even violent.

Nimrod spurned God, Genesis 10:9 which is a meaning of "before" in the Hebrew. We believe he was impudent, ignoring God by "beginning of his kingdom. . . in the land of Shinar," Genesis 10:10. What else was Shinar famous for? The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:2.

But now comes Abram (Abraham) and his family, Genesis 11:26-32. Here was a man that epitomized the meaning of a martial artist. What he learned and taught his men (servants) was used in the proper way, I Timothy 5:8 "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

We will be visiting Abram for a couple of lessons but to get started, here is a short background on the self-defense aspect;

Abram's nephew, Lot, Genesis 11:27, was taken captive during a war in the area, Genesis 14:12. Abram heard of it, armed his men and pursued the captor's, Genesis 14:14. He overtook and defeated them, freeing Lot, Genesis 14:16.

Self-defense is not just a personal thing. It should be extended to others in the proper scope of things with an expectation of peaceful restoration of the "injured." Abram did this.

Self-defense is the heart of Cha Yun-do, the karate discipline taught by all CMAF schools. Our creed is Isaiah 1:17. Since Abram's actions mirror the intents of CMAF, we will take a couple more pages to discuss him, his actions and there meaning for each of us. He will be our comparative for propriety of the Arts.

Abrams actions are a perfect example of a true and Godly martial artist, so he does deserve more than a passing comment or two.

We will also be bringing in some comments made by Jesus to support our position. And we will be looking at "turning the other cheek". All of these come to play in the actions of Abram.


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