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Matches That Anderson Silva Has Lost

Updated on April 14, 2014

Anderson Silva

Photo of Anderson Silva.
Photo of Anderson Silva. | Source

Matches That Anderson Silva Lost

Former UFC Middleweight Champion and one of the greatest MMA fighters to ever enter the sport has rarely suffered losses. However, nonetheless Anderson Silva has lost a few matches throughout his MMA career. Most of the world has forgotten who he is lost to, so we will remind you of some of the other matches that Silva has lost throughout his Mixed Martial Arts career.

It is worth noting that just because Silva has lost a few matches throughout his career, it does nothing to diminish what he has accomplished during his time as an MMA fighter.

Now read on to find out which matches Anderson Silva has lost, starting with his most recent loss.

Anderson Silva's Loss At UFC 168

Silva's most recent loss is also his most vicious loss! He suffered a broken leg at the hands, or should we say leg, of UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman. The injury occurred in the second round when Silva went in for a kick, but Weidman checked it, which caused Silva's leg to break. Out of all the matches Anderson Silva has lost, this one will be the most memorable loss due to the way the fight ended. At the time of this writing, Silva has not mentioned fighting again, nor has he mentioned anything about wanting another match against Weidman.

Anderson Silva's Loss At UFC 162

Silva not only suffered a loss to Weidman once, but he did it twice. The first time was at UFC 162. Silva managed to last two rounds with the now Middleweight Champion, and he made a dangerous mistake at UFC 162. That mistake was not respecting the power that Weidman possesses, especially his punching power. Out of all the matches that Anderson Silva has lost, this one will have to go down as the most ridiculous loss. In the middle of the fight Silva pretended to be injured and then he really did get hurt. Silva's clowning around ultimately cost him the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Rumble On The Rock 8: Silva vs Okami

Anderson Silva's Loss At Rumble On The Rock 8

Rumble On The Rock 8 was held in Hawaii in January of 2006. Silva stepped into the ring with a fighter known as Yushin Okami. Okami defeated Silva in the first round and in under three minutes. It is worth pointing out that Okami did not defeat Silva via his own means. Silva actually got himself disqualified after he attempted to throw an illegal upkick. Five years later and the two met up again, but this time Silva even up the score by winning via TKO in the second round. When it comes to matches that Anderson Silva lost, this one is the only one that he lost due to being disqualified.

The Six Fighters That Defeated Anderson Silva

Luiz Azeredo
Mecca 1
May 27 2000
Daiju Takase
Pride 26
June 8 2003
Roy Chonan
Pride Shockwave 2004
December 31 2004
Yushin Okami
Rock 8
January 20 2006
Chris Weidman
UFC 162
July 6 2013
Chris Weidman
UFC 168
December 28 2013

Pride Shockwave 2004: Silva vs Chonan


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Anderson Silva's Loss At Pride Shockwave 2004

On New Year's Eve, Pride Shockwave 2004 took place in Japan. Anderson Sliva went toe-to-toe with Japanese MMA fighter Roy Chonan. The match ended up going three rounds, and it ended with Chonan making Silva tap out via flying scissor heel hook. There are not many matches Anderson Silva lost via submission, and this particular match was only the second time he tapped out in his career.

Pride 24: Silva vs Takese

Anderson Silva's Loss At Pride 24

Pride 24 took place in Japan in 2003, and this is when Silva suffered the second loss of his career. At this point in time Silva won 9 consecutive matches. This venue pitted Silva against Daiju Takase, who submitted Silva via a triangle choke. This is one of the two matches that Anderson Silva has lost via submission. Takase was also the underdog in the fight, because his record did not indicate that he was any threat to Silva's 9 fight winning streak.

Mecca 1: Silva vs Azeredo

Anderson Silva's Loss At Mecca 1

In May of 2000, Silva lost the very first match of his career. He entered Mecca 1 looking to win his third consecutive MMA bout, but was stopped in his tracks by Luiz Azeredo. Azeredo won after the judges decided that he was the better fighter. This was the first and last time that the two has faced one another.


Anderson Silva has only suffered a total of six losses in his MMA career. Chris Weidman is the only fighter to have defeated Silva twice, and he is the only fighter to have done it two times in a row. Weidman is also the first MMA fighter to injure Silva in the way that he did at UFC 168. Silva may have lost six matches in total, but he has still won 31 matches.


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