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Updated on September 1, 2011

Tennis In INDIA

Tennis!!! Tennis!! Tennis!...When I hear this word there is a sudden bliss in me which would make me pack my tennis kit immediately and double up to the court even at midnight.But, Why is the game unfamiliar among our Indian's?When I think about this ,the answer which I get for this is a very big question mark.

But ,in INDIA I would say that even-though there are plenty of tennis professionals available on board, not very many make it to the International Circuits.This is mainly because of the cost which has to be spent on their child by their parents.

Tennis is supposed to be called as a rich man's game.Yes that is very true, but if Govt. Of India tries to make certain effort to popularize the game , just like cricket...there would be even more Steffi Graf's and Andre Agassi's available in plenty in our country itself.

This would make our country proud and even it would make our Indian's prove themselves that even they are capable of doing anything. After a lot of struggle if Sania Mirza could make it, what about the other's in our country? Why couldnt they make it? Well,if corruption in INDIA is reduced and if all those money is spent in something good like this ,even our country would attain the status of developed nation instead of still being called "developing" always. Each one of us in this Country has the responsibility to improve our country thats why we are called democratic nation.

Instead of being selfish to oneself and looking after the improvement of one's family, why can't we all come out and help each and every slum children struggling for their lives? Why can't we help them out in improving their standards even. Why cant we spend atleast 2 hours with them everyday and why cant we improve them by teaching whatever we know?Why can't we spend one third of the amount that we earn on, on their education, on their clothes,on their food.If each one of us start becoming broad minded like this, and start helping these children then there would not be anything called slum or poverty existing or prevailing in our country.

Why, Is there any rule that only a rich man's child should play tennis?Why can't a poor child even hold the tennis racquet?Why can't there be tennis courts even at their places. why can't we make the game familiar among them like cricket? Let's think and start working towards this.

Why cant they even study their subjects under C.B.S.E standards? Once if a time comes when a rural child even is able to get all the facilities like the other children and when he is even aware of all the happenings in the world and once if he gets a job in Microsoft or Google and once if he becomes capable enough to open his own company like TATA,L&T,CTS...then only our country is sure to attain the status of developed Nation. Instead of waiting for the change to happen in our country lets first change ourselves and lets buckle up at once to improve our country.



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