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Matej Vydra to the Premier League: Possible Destinations

Updated on July 9, 2013

Matej Vydra had been superb for Watford

Matej Vydra had been the best attacking player for Watford last year. He managed to score 22 goals in 30 starts in the Championship, scoring one goal every 126 minutes. These are great numbers for a 21 year old, up and coming striker. He showed unique vision and incredible skills on several occasions. His intelligent running was clear for all to see. It is no surprise, that Premier League sides, like Swansea City, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United and Sunderland are all linked with a move for him.

The next move is crucial for Matej Vydra. He should move to a team that can offer him regular first team chances, and also fit his style of play. Let's find out which of the above teams suits him the most!

Matej Vydra is capable of scoring exceptional goals on big occasions

Swansea City: Cultured football, low competition

Swansea City's intention of strengthening their squad up front is understandable. For the most of last season, Michu was playing as the loan striker. Their only other striker with any experience is Luke Moore, who has been a good utility man, but a squad with only two strikers is not deep enough for a long and exhausting Premier League campaign.

We are all aware of the Swans' great passing game. This would fit Vydra well as he is good with his feet, comfortable on the ball. This style would garantee that his evolution as a player does not stop. However, at Watford, he usually played with another striker. Swansea prefer to have one lone striker up front. It remains unclear if Vydra would be as adapt as a lone striker.

Sunderland: The high-risk choice

At the end of last season, Di Canio played his side in a 4-4-2, or a 4-4-1-1 formation. Vydra would be one of four strikers who would get significant playing time. Steven Fletcher is the main man up front, but the second place is there for the taking. Neither Danny Graham, nor Connor Wickham looked convincing at the end of last season. Vydra is capable of playing as a substitute for Fletcher. Also, he could work as the second striker with Fletcher. Vydra is more mobile, and he is excellent at creating space with his movement. Space, that could be exploited by the likes of Steven Sessegnon. At the same time, Vydra could be at his best in a team where he doesn't have to play 90 minutes every week. At the end of last season, he went for 13 matches without scoring. He is not ready to go a full season as a key player yet. As a young player, he needs to rest from time-to-time.

On the other hand, moving to Sunderland could prove to be a disaster. There is uncertainty about how the black cats will do under Paolo di Canio. If results don't go their way, the flamboyant manager could be sacked early on. In this case, Vydra could find himself on the fringes of the squad, as the new manager brings in his own players.

A collection of Matej Vydra's exquisite finishes

West Bromwich Albion: Become the main man

Everybody knows how well Romelu Lukaku did for West Brom last season. The belgian striker will play for Chelsea next year, so West Brom have to look for a replacement. Vydra would fit the role perfectly. He could play alongside Shane Long, or as the lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Vydra is good with his feet, so he would be good as a target man, holding the ball up until the rest of the team joins the attack, He is also quick, he would fit into West Brom's counter attacking style. He is not as powerful as Lukaku, and the belgian is better with his head, but Steve Clark is a tactically aware manager. He would know how to get the best out of Vydra.

If he is to replace Lukaku, he would have to play every match, and start at least half of them. However, it is not certain that he is ready to carry a team on his shoulder for an entire Premier League season.

West Ham United: Complement Andy Carroll

If Matej Vydra is to join West Ham United, his role would be to complement the play of Andy Carroll. In the previous season, we have seen how devastating West Ham can be if they are able to turn the balls headed down by Carroll into goals. just think of their 3-0 win against Fulham at the beginning of the season. If they were to add a striker who can play behind Carroll, and is as good a finisher as Vydra is, they would have no problems finishing higher mid-table.

Last season, Kevin Nolan was playing behind Carroll. But the midfielder is 31 years old, and his best years are behid him. Sam Allardyce has to look for a long term option. Trying out Vydra on loan, and maybe purchasing him at the end of the season would make perfect sense.

Carlton Cole has left the team, so a place in the squad is there for the taking. Vydra would get sufficient playing time, but he wouldn't need to play every match as Sam Allardyce can rely on Modibo Maiga, or Ricardo Vaz Te even if Kevin Nolan is injured.

Vydra would be able to give West Ham a different kind of attacking option. He is great on the counter attack, which is not something we associate with West Ham. Those few extra goals he would score this way could mean vauable points for the hammers.


No matter which team Matej Vydra goes to, he has the skillset to be a success. He can add something to every team listed above, however, each choice has it's pros and cons.

With all the plaudits Swansea are earning with their slick football, he could add to his personal value, as well as learning a lot from a great team of players, and he can benefit from a steady background at the Welsh club.

At Sunderland, he would be one of four strikers who has a chance of playing regularly. Maybe playing twenty minutes every week is the best way of catching the rythm of the Premier League. However, the club might not be the most stable, and he could find himself on the fringes of the squad.

At West Bromwich Albion, he would have to replace one of the best strikers of last season. This might be too big of a task for him. On the other hand, he would have the chance to work under Steve Clark, an excellent coach, who knows how to bring out the best in a young, up and coming striker.

At West Ham United, he would have to form a partnership with Andy Carroll. The two would fit each other well. Vydra would benefit from the service he would get from Carroll. Also, he could seal a long term contract in East London as he could prove to be the player who replaces the ageing Kevin Nolan.

No mater which team he chooses, we would have one more brilliant player to watch in the Premier League.


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