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Maxpedition Bug Out Bag For Preppers

Updated on May 2, 2012
Maxpedition Falcon-II Bug Out Bag
Maxpedition Falcon-II Bug Out Bag | Source

Why A Maxpedition Bug Out Bag

I think most people know by now the reasons for having a Bug Out Bag ( BOB Bag ), but just for the heck of it lets recap for those that are just starting out on their journey to becoming a full fledged Prepper. You my get flooded in or even flooded out. In some places this may cause problems getting to the necessities of survival such as water, food, shelter. Katrina, Japan, Haiti come to mind right off the bat. These are the main Bug Out Bag Contents of a BOB Bag. Of course more is needed to complete a well stocked survival pack.

Now back to the main topic of this article the Bug Out Bag. Their are several makers of BOB Bags but I am going to stick with Maxpedition BOBs for this article and will cover other brands in future articles. Maxpedition cover the full gamut of survival backpacks to include bags that fill the needs of Preppers looking for a 72 hour bug out bag, 7 day packs, urban BOB's, Tactical bug out bags, long range bug out bag, or light weight just to name a few. Heck they even have one that has a hydration system. The Maxpedition Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag is a good example of just such a pack.

The Maxpedition Last Resort Tactical Attache fills another niche. It's designed to hold your tactical gear in highly organized way.

The Falcon-II Bug Out Bag with its 1520 cu. in. / 25L capacity and Up to 100oz Hydration Bladder. This military assault style daypack has been updated with amenities for daily use in mind. Its a small to medium hunting pack or day pack, with plenty of room for an overnighter and easily be a great bug out bag when packed with the right contents for the Prepper.

Preppers will love the Maxpedition Vulture-II 3-Day Bug Out Bag. It is just what the name say's, designed to be a 72 hr BOB bag. The Vulture II is compatible with most of today's hydration systems up to the 100 oz. water bladder mark. This 3-Day Assault Pack with it's 2810 cubic inches (46 liters) capacity and three compartments might be the answer to your needs.

If it's a Urban Bug Out Bag you have in mind the PYGMY FALCON-II. Maxpedition calls it a daypack but don't let that stop you, with it's 1400 cubic inches (23 liters) of carry capacity and military styling not to mention the modular expansion system this pack might be what fills the bill for your survival backpack.

A bug out bag need not be a backpack and here is a good example. The DOPPELDUFFEL Adventure Bag is a well designed duffel bag. Preppers that are looking for a BOB they can grab an throw into a bug out vehicle this is a great choice.

The FLIEGERDUFFEL is another great Duffel from Maxpedition, This Bug Out Bag has approximate capacity of 3200 cu. in. and room for a 100 oz hydration reservoir.

By now I'm sure you are getting the idea that Maxpedition has got the bug out bag industry covered pretty well. Yes they absolutely do and we have not even cover half the number of bags they produce. This is not the place to go over all of them and I am trying to get you over to my site. This is kind of like the teaser to get you interested enough to stop by Best Bug Out Bag and get answers to the question you might have. The only way to get the best bug out bag for your needs is to fill in all the informational voids.

Information is the key to getting the right BOB bag and the right Bug Out Bag might be the key to survival. You have seen some of the epic disaster that have happened in the last few years and you might have even been one of the millions affected by them. Be Prepared For The Worst and Hope For The Best this is the Preppers credo why not make it yours.
Why not start by checking out the Maxpedition Bug Out Bag line-up.

Bug Out Bag Contents

Maxpedition Condor II

Maxpedition Condor II Bug Out Bag
Maxpedition Condor II Bug Out Bag | Source


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