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Maxpedition Carry Case

Updated on August 8, 2016

Black Maxpedition Case

Keeps everything in one place

This case is ideal because it's not too big so doesn't allow you to fill it with unnecessary items. The material is high quality and the zips hold up well, even when the pack is full. I like it because I can store items that I use regularly such as the knife or lighter.

Rather than keeping these items in my pocket where I risk losing them, I can just store the case in the top of my pack.

Inside The Pack

Inside The Pack

Notice the loops inside the pack make it easy for storing items. There is also storage behind for larger, flat items

The Contents

The Contents

Laminated information cards (useful phone numbers, navigation info etc.), Lightweight wallet containing ID, Cash and credit card, Silva compass, Lighter, Ultra thin para cord, Sog fire steel and whistle, high lumin flashlight and Fallkniven Knife.

Tip: Carry lots of spare cash because you never know when you need it. For example, the last hike we were on we gave some cash to a local farmer to help us with a shortcut down the mountain before sunset made it too dark to carry on. Also most shops in these locations (if any) won't accept card payment.


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