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Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz Highlights

Updated on November 13, 2013
Floyd Mayweather, JR.
Floyd Mayweather, JR. | Source
Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz | Source

The Match-Up

  • The Boys Behind the Men

Surprisingly, this year's must see boxing bout doesn't feature prize fighter, pound-for-pound, and WBO welterweight superstar Manny "the Pac-Man" Pacquiao. The fight to see this year is between two great champions, whose personalities and training styles are worlds apart. As featured in the hit HBO: Boxing series 24/7 - Mayweather v. Ortiz; everything about these two amazing boxers is completely different.

Don't miss the fight, September 17, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his All Star Cast

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. thrives in a hostel, chaotic environment. His volatile, hour-long, rants- which are mostly aimed at his former trainer and father Floyd Mayweather, Sr. leaves nothing to the imagination when he lashes out. There is nothing humbling about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. either, a character trait he clearly gets from his father. Although Floyd Jr. continues to train in the gym, in which his father helped to make famous, he gives most of the boxing credits to his uncle Roger Mayweather. Who just so happens to be, Floyd Mayweather Sr.'s younger brother.

As it is with the Mayweather clan, Roger Mayweather is no stranger to trouble, and has served prison time for assaulting his grandmother (where he knocked out her two front teeth), beating up several prostitutes and former girlfriends, and starting a riot during the Zab Judah fight, when he came out of the trainer's corner and punched Zab Judah himself. He has also been arrested for beating up one of his women boxers in Las Vegas. As it was reported, Roger repeatly started punching his female trainee over a disagreement, and proceeded to choke her, as she was coughing up blood, apparently from internal bleeding. When the police arrived, they literally had to drag Roger Mayweather off the young female fighter, and arrested him on assault charges. However, Roger Mayweather is also a companion fighter, winning the WBC super featherweight and super lightweight championships on the sheer talent of his offensive, technical, fighting, skills.

Roger Mayweather enters into the trainer's corner, as younger Floyd's new trainer, when his father Mayweather Sr. was sent to prison in 1993. Floyd Mayweather Sr. maybe be credited for teaching his son his most prized defensive technique the shoulder-roll, which made him famous in the late 1970's and early 1980's, however, had to quit his job as Junior's trainer and boxing manager in order to serve time in 1993 for drug trafficking. It is also rumored about the same time frame, he was running an underage prostitution ring in New Jersey.

1993 – Mayweather Sr. and several others were convicted in 1993 of smuggling cocaine in detergent boxes from 1987-92. Floyd senior received a five-year sentence for trafficking cocaine from Chicago to Grand Rapids. Served 3 years.
Rumor: 1998 – Mayweather Sr., after being released from prison, and unable to reconcile with his son, made frequent trips to Grand Rapids Michigan, to re-engage with his previous drug ‘ring’ connections, in an effort to distribute cocaine in the Las Vegas area. -Facebook

Victor Ortiz and His People

"Vicious" Victor Ortiz is no stranger to hard knocks. Abandoned first by his Mexican immigrant mother for another man, and left by his Mexican, alcoholic father to starve in a ruin down, trailer park in Kansas five years later, was forced to take care of himself and his little brother at a very young age. His family's bad luck and hard taught life lessons, help to turn Victor Ortiz into the prize fighter and champion he is today.

Victor Ortiz, originally from Garden City, Kansas is the current reigning WBC world welterweight champion. A belt he won with his double-fisted, bam bam, knock-out style. Victor's boyish charm and good looks makes him a picture perfect prize, and the associated press sports community loves him. Whether he is training or laying low in his downtime, this rather low key champion boxer, surrounds himself with people who love him and want nothing but the best for him. Let's just say, nobody in Victor's camp is competing with Victor to be famous. His brother, Temo Ortiz lives in Ventura, California with big brother, and currently is enrolled in college.

Victor Ortiz's trainer, Danny Garcia encourages his boxer to continue fighting left handed, although Victor is actually right handed. It is the lethal combinations of his left handed jabs and power punches, which make him an excellent opponent to Mayweather, Jr's rock-your-world gusto. Danny Garcia began training Victor Ortiz, after Victor had a fall out with Danny Ortiz's brother and boxing trainer Robert Ortiz of Top Rank, Inc. Robert Ortiz jealous feud with his brother, whose backyard butts up to Danny's, has gone on for more than five years now. Victor Ortiz left Robert Garcia to train with Danny, after Robert Garcia took on boxer Brandon Rios. Victor Ortiz and Brandon Rios could not get along, and so Victor Ortiz left TopRank, Inc. and Robert Garcia for Golden Boy Productions, and so Danny took over training Ortiz. Ortiz has been quoted as saying that Danny had always been the one who really stood in his corner anyways. So the transition between trainers and boxer was a natural fit.


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