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Conor McGregor: Undefeated

Updated on October 29, 2018
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The writer is currently working as a sales executive for a heavy equipment dealer in the Philippines.

Most MMA enthusiasts have waited for UFC 229's main event - Russia's Khabib Nurmagedov vs. Ireland's Conor McGregor for the Lightweight Championship. It was considered to be the biggest UFC fight in terms of earnings and popularity. Thanks to the build-up coming to the fight, both Khabib and McGregor had their shares of actions off-cage and backstage. Trashtalk and melee attacks, name it, they had it. Most experts favored Khabib to win the fight, and he did with a fourth round submission via neck crank. Though McGregor had his spots of the fight, Khabib was successful with his ground-and-pound and wear down the Irishman, even knocking McGregor down in the second round with an overhand right.

Yes, McGregor failed to give Khabib his first MMA loss, much to the disappointment of his fans. I was one of the believers who thought he would have pulled this one out. Nick Diaz, the brother of Nate whom McGregor fought twice even that told Conor was not himself that fight night. Was it ring rust, as Kavagnah suspected? 2 years off-the-cage is a big deal but we could never tell if Khabib was that really good or Conor's team just had wrong approach in battling the best wrestler in MMA today.

It's not the first time we've seen Conor being defeated. He was submitted by Nate Diaz on their first fight via rear-naked choke, but bounced back with a majority decision on their rematch. We've watched him TKO'd by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match where most experts were impressed by him outscoring the boxing's GOAT in the early rounds. But come to think of it, McGregor had already won just by getting that fight, where he earned more money than that of all of his MMA fight earnings combined. He wanted that fight, and he got it. And how can we forget him getting his shot at former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez? After knocking out long-time reigning featherweight champion Jose Aldo in the very first round, he managed his way to get that lightweight strap by claiming he will knock out Eddie and which he did successfully. And what he's done prior to his bout with Khabib? - Aside from training hard, he was busy promoting his own brand of whisky, Proper Twelve, and promises to take over Jameson, the current leading Irish Whisky.

My friends, we should all have that Conor McGregor mentality. We should all be claiming and getting what we think what we deserve in life. Whether its that high position in the company you're working for, that honorable mention at school or that market share you want to achieve. Whatever industry or profession you're at right now, better put your heart in it. Train, study, and work hard. We should always have that counter left hand to knock a Jose Aldo out or that chin to overcome a Nate Diaz. As Conor's famous line states - We are not here to take part, we are here to take over. With that heart and mentality, we will never lose nor be defeated in life - because we will always get up from that Khabib take down and seek for the win.


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