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How to Prevent Men's Breast Chafing During Running

Updated on January 10, 2018

Treating Breast Chafing Before & During Long Runs

Having only experienced this once during a long training run, I have seen it on others at the end of a marathon...blood stained running shirts!

My experience came after a mid-spring 18 miler. I felt good on the run and didn't even know I had irritated by nipples until my running buddy looked at my singlet and and gasped. Throughout that 2 hour run my chest gently rubbed against my singlet and chaffed to the point of bleeding. The next chapter was the burning pain in the shower. That was not about to happen again!

From then on I used a liberal amount of either petroleum jelly or wore nip protectors, depending on the running distance...preferring petroleum jelly for shorter runs. Using band-aids will also work; however, you may have to shave those chest hairs in advance of applying them.

You have enough to deal with when it comes to running maladies. Don't let chaffed nipples slow you down! Get some protection.


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    • Adviceman profile image

      Run Rich D 5 years ago from Philadelphia Delaware Valley

      Thanks for the under armor tip. Tight shirts seem to bother my breathing but maybe its something I need to get used to. I like their products.

    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Yes, it is so painful. To solve the problem I just started wearing under armor or another tight fitting shirt. Also, had to get real running shorts once I started running more then 6 miles at a time. Good post, relieved that is was not just me.