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Merrell Hiking Shoes

Updated on January 14, 2015

If a "Cadillac" of the hiking shoe industry had to be chosen today, Merrell would be among the top competitors. Merrel has managed to incorporate just shy of three decades of excellence into their premium quality hiking shoes. Know for their up-to-date styles, impeccable comfortableness, and reliable durability, Merrell hiking shoes have proven that they are ready for any outdoor or sporting activity you feel the need to include them in.  As you pursue enjoyment in hiking and outdoor activities, Merrell hiking shoes are ready to help you achieve a greater sense of freedom and satisfaction.  Merrell continues to push the edge of the envelop in terms of innovation as they strive to stay ahead of the trends and make premium quality products for outdoor sports enthusiasts, hikers, and urban walkers across the globe.

Merrell Pantheon Hiking Shoe

Merrell Hiking Shoe Features

Merrell hiking shoes possess a few signature features that are common to most all of the Merrell line of shoes. Among these signature features is the Merrell Air Cushion Mid-Sole. The Air Cushion Mid-Sole provides the perfect amount of cushion and "give" to keep the wearers bones and joints limber. Many of the Merrell shoes also come equipped with an anti-microbial coated interior lining in an effort to cut down on harmful bacteria and noxious odors caused by sweat and wear. Another signature feature of Merrell hiking shoes are the pull tabs located on the cushioned yet breathable tongue and on the rim of the heel of the shoe. These pull tabs allow the wearer to slip the shoes on easily before the hike, and pull them off just as easily when the fun and games are over.

Merrell hiking shoes always rest upon a premium quality Vibram rubber out-sole.  The out-sole is constructed to be durable and will at times even well outlast the upper of the shoe.  The Vibram out-soles are usually deeply grooved and siped to provide traction and stability no matter what surface you choose to wear them on.

Merrell Hiking Shoes

As you can see from the features listed above and the two videos on this page, Merrell makes an excellent product.  With just 26 years of experience Merrell is showing that they are a force to be reckoned with in the hiking shoe market.  Merrell hiking shoes may seem a bit steeply priced between the range of about $70 to $140, but their durability, material quality, features, innovation, and comfortableness make them well worth any price.

Merrell also sells much more than just hiking shoes.  Visit the official Merrell website to see the many different pieces of hiking and outdoor sporting apparel that they have available.


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    • profile image

      Chang Tana 7 years ago

      Merrell is sure the best in hiking shoes. Their shoes are comfortable and have a lot of technology in it. I have 5 pairs of Merrell and it never let me down.

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Pat writes: about 4 years ago I bought a pair of Merrell shoes because I liked their appearance. They turned out to be so uncomfortable that after 3 wears I sold them on eBay.

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