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Metal detecting - A great hobby for all ages

Updated on September 16, 2014

Metal detecting - great hobby for all ages

The ramblings of a metal detectorist

Metal detecting can be an absolutely fascinating hobby for all ages. A hobby where you just never know what is going to turn up with the next turn of your spade or sand scoop. A hobby that gets you outside in the fresh air walking off track around fields and expoloring sandy beaches at all hours of the day. As someone who metal detects on both field sites and beaches I can never look at a field or beach without wondering what is buried beneath the surface. A litle odd I hear you say, but metal detecting can do hat to you. Will that freshly ploughed field hold those beautiful medieval hammered coins I will never tire of digging up or will that expanse of sand on your local beach hold those long lost gold rings, who knows, but with metal detecting you just never know what might turn up.

I have used my Minelab Explorer (the older XS version) on fields I thought had no importantance only to find my detector signal locking onto a find that has the kings head starring back at me from the back of a silver medieval hammered coin. Something that gets the heart racing every time, as when you look at such a coin you are the first person to gaze upon it since it was dropped in medieval times. Questions pop into your head as to who dropped it and why is it here in the middle of this seemingly ordinary field? It's something I find amazing and will always continue to do so.

Metal detecting on the beach can also have those heart stopping moments, when you have spent the whole day walking for miles up and down the sand finding nothing but trash, only to have your next hole reveal a lovely piece of jewellery.

You would be within your rights to think I look at metal detecting through rose tinted glasses but like all metal detectorists, bitten by the metal detecting bug, it becomes a real passion where terrible weather and travelling long distances for a new site don't deter you.

Even though I say this, for every great day there is a 'not so good day'. I don't want you to think that every time a metal detectorist goes out metal detecting he or she comes back with bags of hammered coins and gold rings from the beach. You can find these things if you do your research and put in the time in but more often than not you come back with a pocket full of old junk, bullets, a scattering of coins and an aching back.

Even on these days thoughts will soon pass to the next metal detecting trip and the endless possibilities, as you always know that tomorrow might be different and you just never know what might turn up.

Take a look at my blog for beacj metal detecting tips, finds and news

For more ramblings like this and lots of other stuff, Metal detector reviews is a great source of metal detecting info, with tips to help you find more, some great finds (I think so anyway), metal detector reviews and metal detecting stories, videos from around the Internet and all sorts of stuff.

Silver hammered coin - Venitian Soldino 1520

Below is one of my silver hammered coin finds using my Minelab Explorer XS. It's only about 9mm across and scnned to show both sides of the coin. A lovely metal detecting find down about 4 inches in wet field soil.

I will be uploading more hubpages with metal detecting finds and information soon, so check back.

Metal Detecting Facebook Fan Page

I have also started a Facebook fan page for metal detecting and will also update this with news finds, news and tips. Could do with a few 'Likes' and comments to start things off, so pop on over and take a look. Upload your finds, share your news and comment away.

Do you metal detect?

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    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      6 years ago from Devon

      Thanks for the feedback and the vote.

    • Drew6405 profile image


      6 years ago from Central Vermont

      I agree. Great hobby! I haven't found anything worth $ but I have found an old ax head, old bottles, tractor, car parts or logging artifacts as well. You never know what you're going to get. That's the best part!

    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      6 years ago from Devon

      Thanks idratherbe and glad you enjoyed it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very informative and interesting hub. voted up


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