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Michael Phelps Workout and Diet - Learn How the King of the Pool Does It

Updated on October 26, 2010

Michael Phelps is Ripped!

Michael Phelps workout
Michael Phelps workout

Michael Phelps Workout

Michael Phelps is often considered as being the single greatest Olympyian ever.He has won a grand total of 16 Olympic medals, eight of them coming at the spectacular Beijing Olympics in 2008.He has accomplished so much as the early age of 23.

It's undeniable that Michael Phelps was built for swimming.His incredible reach, broad shoulders, large chest and tremendous size 14 feet have made him very difficult to compete against.His legs are also relatively short for his height, giving him a powerful advantage in the water.His feet can rotate an extra 15 degrees more than a regular person and his knees are double-jointed.This enables him to fully straighten his body so his feet resemble powerful flippers.Phelps is the modern day "human dolphin."

But it's not just his genetic advantages that make him a powerful swimmer.Michael Phelps works harder than any other swimmer and follows an incredible diet.

Michael Phelps is a Beast!

Michael Phelps Workout

Have you ever seen Phelps work out? He goes six hours a day and six days a week.No excuses.Phelps goes through his full day of training regardless if the day happens to be Christmas day or his mother's birthday - simply no excuses.His ridiculous work ethic and dedication to his training has resulted in him being the considered the greatest swimmer to ever live.

Phelps enjoys combining his workouts in the pool with workouts in the gym.

In the pool...

Michael Phelps spends large portions of his time working out in the pool.In the pool, he swims 80km a week, giving him an incredible 13km of swimming each day. His sample workout looks like this:

Phelps adds numerous training tools to make his swimming workouts more interesting.This variation allows him to attack his training from different angles.

"I use a bunch of Speedo training gear, like kickboards, pull buoys, training paddles, and snorkels," Phelps says. "I'll also listen to music during some of my longer workouts with H20 Audio's waterproof headphones."

In the gym...

Phelps doesn't like spending too much time in the weight room.He doesn't like wasting time.He combines his dry-land training with a lot of sport-specific functional training.

"In preparation for Beijing, I started adding weightlifting to my dry-land work," Phelps says. "Since then, we've expanded the amount of weights I am using, and I'm running more than I ever have. Pushups and pull-ups have also always been essential."

To help him improve his already powerful stroke, Phelps likes to incorporate exercises like the straight wood chopper and diagonal wood chopper.

Michael Phelps offers advice on resting and recovering.

The best way to benefit from your toughest workouts is to let your body fully recover before training hard again. "Sleep is also a big part of my recovery," Phelps says. "It's really important that my body gets enough rest so that I'm ready to go for my next race or training session."

Phelps eats like a KING!

Phelps eats like a champion.
Phelps eats like a champion.

Michael Phelps Diet

Phelps is capable of consuming more calories in a single day than many of us can in an entire week. He consumes over 10,000 calories each training day. Compare this number to the average person's consumption of 2000 calories a day.Eating this many calories is a workout in itself and takes great dedication and planning.But he needs to because Phelps burns 750-1000 calories each hour of swimming. You do the math.

It's not hard to see why Michael Phelps is as good as he is. His genetic composition and complete dedication to his training has made him the champion swimmer that he is today. It's hard to imagine what else he's got in store for the next few years to come.

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