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Michael Phelps is the greatest of all-True or False?

Updated on August 9, 2016

What is the magic of the Olympic Games? The charisma of the Olympic hero. The winners' list to the year 776 before Christ. The first Olympic champion was celebrated before the emergence of the Catholic Church and Islam. From Coroebus of Elis about Sophyros of Syracuse until Bernhard Russi of Andermatt and finally Michael Phelps of America. Phelps' compatriot Stephen Amidon once brought this appeal with a single sentence: (. Something like the gods). "Something like The Gods"

US swimmer Michael Phelps enters Rio still one last time in the pool. His 18 gold medals are not enough. More precious metals to follow in Rio.

Twelve Olympians? Yes, no other sporting competitions, indeed, no other area of ​​the society brought this forever forth shining heroes. And Michael Phelps is the greatest of all. Here in Rio. It is not even ruled out that he will not win another medal. But that does not matter anymore. It's a typical American story of the rise, fall, purification and recovery, which is far more effective than powerful results.

After the Games of 2012 in London Phelps appears as 18-time Olympic champion back, two years later he changes his mind and now he's back. Dissolved and finally at peace with himself - at least say those who know him.

After London 2012 comes the collapse. Until then, his life has passed almost entirely of swimming. Six hours every day in the water, even at Christmas. His coach had him at a young age ever 24 races in a competition weekend bestreiten.Um to enlarge the lung volume. So happened to the now 31-year-olds century float. 1.93 meters tall, 88 kilos, an extremely long body, short legs.

His rise to superstardom could have been written better by the film industry in Hollywood. A difficult childhood. The father, a policeman, leaves the family, Michael Phelps was eight years old when the father started missing the Bub, Phelps junior is hyperactive, interfere in school and needed Ritalin. Bob Bowman discovered the eleven year olds in a swimming competition and takes him under his wing, he is his trainer and surrogate father.In Sidney 2000 the 15-year-old qualified for the first time for the Games. His best classification was in a 5th place.

And then to London in 2012, after 18 gold medals and 39 world records in conclusion. Soon after the crash. On September 30, 2014 he bangs in Baltimore, Maryland, with his Range Rover with 132 kilometers per hour on a road. 72 km / h as allowed. He has 1.4 per thousand in the blood and is sentenced to 18 months in prison on probation. Michael Phelps has a drinking problem. The public response is fierce. Because he is in the United States not only as a sports superstar but as a hero.

His advisers have built up the image of a pure, innocent people. It follows the voluntary stay at the Meadows clinic in northern Arizona, where traumatized people are helped, their psyche is so fragile that they feel viable. He reconciled with his father, founded with his longtime girlfriend Nicole Johnson family. In May this year he became a father. In Rio it takes for the fifth time at the Olympics.

His Main Games

Rise, fall, purification, return - nothing Americans love more than such stories. He has been asked what can the Games in Rio be for him, the most successful Olympic hero of all time with an estimated fortune of $55 million worth. He replied that it was the most important game of his life. The games in which he is at peace with himself the games where he concludes peace and a happy ending, as it could invent no screenwriter.

The four previous Olympic appearances of Michael Phelps

In 2000
As 15-year-old Michael Phelps takes in the Olympic Games in Sidney in which he was among the youngest male swimmer in the US team for 68 years. The best result he took was a fifth place. Just five months after Sidney he gets over 200m butterfly as his first world record.

In 2004
Four years later in Athens denies Phelps his second Olympic Games - this time as a seasoned professional world class. The then 19-year-old is reported in eight competitions and win as many medals. In addition to six golds to Phelps leaves twice reassign bronze at the award ceremony.

In 2008
In Beijing, it was even better for Phelps: The now 23-year-old wins equal eight Olympic gold, three times with the US relay team. In seven of his eight wins in the Chinese capital he has or his relay team, the existing world records.

In 2012
Phelps qualifies to the US knockouts in June / July for the Games of London. Despite insufficient preparation for the competitions of the 27-year-old wins another four gold and two silver medals. With 22 Olympic medals Phelps is the most successful Olympians of all time - and first resigns.

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