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Middle and long distance races

Updated on April 11, 2015

The running race


All the judges operate from the same place and decide upon the order of finish.

Middle and long distance races are prominent among athletic events. Participating in such events require huge level endurance.

Middle distance running events- 800 meters, 1500 meters 3000 meters races are considered middle distance events.

The distance of long running events are 5000 meters and 10000 meters, cross country running races are half Marathon (21.098 meters), Marathon (42.195 meters) considered under long distance events.

All the events in middle and long distance running are usually started in a group. Because the number of participants in such events is higher than the number of lanes and the rule does not insist on running in respective lanes. Starts of such events require a curve marked in the track. It is also called diagonal axis. Straight lines are marked in all other situations.

All the events are run in groups

Hearts are made if there are large numbers of participants in the track events. Specific number of selected athletes from each heat takes part in the final race.

If the competitors are more than twelve, two groups can be made and race can be started simultaneously.

The starter starts the event with the command `On your mark' in track events covering distance more than 400 meters. This command will be followed by firing of gun or command by the starter. There is no `set' command in these races.

Competitors are not allowed to touch or cross the starting line or any space beyond the starting line by hand or by leg during `on your mark' command.

Referees nominate enough number lap scorers for running race events covering long more than 1500 meters and provided there with lap scoring recod sheets. A high of four participants are allotted to each lap scorer as per their facility available. They record the laps completed by each participant allotted to them.

The result of the competition is declared by the judges at the finish. Judges at the finish operate from finishing stand which is placed inside the track in line with finish line 5 meters away from the first lane. All the judges operate from the same place and decide upon the order of finish.

The places are allocated to the participants in the order in which their toes or chest crosses the inner edge of finishing line.

The Long Race



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